Valentine’s Day, make it unforgettable…in Sicily

Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. How are you going to celebrate it? If you are in Sicily, Sicilian Secrets gives you some advice to make February 14th unforgettable. Make a wish…

I will love you until my dying day.

– Moulin Rouge

What’s your perfect romantic holiday? Are you dreaming a relaxing spa break with your other half? Are you going to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a nice restaurant? Whatever is your idea, if you are in Sicily, take note of our five suggestions by Dimensione Sicilia and enjoy!

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day means…relax

If you want to spend this day in the most relaxing way ever, organize a spa break. Wellness treatments, sauna, healthy food…and a very romantic atmosphere. Moreover, you can add some sport activities or a massage, and a sophisticated dinner with your soulmate. Who knows, maybe it’ll be the moment to propose, won’t it?

  • Dimensione Sicilia suggests: Wellness Package

    Valentine's Day

Love is…wine experience

Drink a toast with your love! Why don’t you plan a weekend in a country house resort to discover the unique Sicilian wine tradition? Nature and taste to give your holiday a special…flavor. Imagine walking in the countryside hand in hand with your significant other, visiting wine cellars and trying some local specialties. Simply delicious!

  • Dimensione Sicilia suggests: Weekend Wine Resort

    Valentine's Day
    Wine Experience

Plunge into the wilderness with your sweetheart

Do you like hiking together with your sweetheart? Well, your lovely weekend is green. Book a couple of nights in a boutique hotel surrounded by nature. Gardens, parks, fresh air and long long walks. Especially if you live a stressful life in a big city, nothing is better than a romantic weekend into the wilderness.

  • Dimensione Sicilia suggests: Nature Experience

    Valentine's Day

February 14th means…culture

Sicily offers a lot of nice places that deserve to be visited at least once in a lifetime. Palermo, Catania, Syracuse and also many other small towns: each of them is full of culture and traditions. Why don’t you take your love on a cultural journey? The magic of this island is being a sort of a time machine where you can go back in time thanks to the unique architecture and archaeological sites and even jump into modernity. Fascinating!

  • Dimensione Sicilia suggests: Palermo Full-Immersion

    Valentine's Day

Heart goes…on the road

Finally, if you and your soulmate are free spirits…organize your holiday on the road in Sicily. Be free to explore hidden corners, discover the most unknown villages, go up in the mountains or down to the beach. The best gift is your time, don’t forget about it. Off the map!

  • Dimensione Sicilia suggests: Tour of Sicily, self-drive

    Valentine's Day
    On the road


And even if The Beatles used to sing All you need is love, even a suggestive experience together with your significant other can make your Valentine’s Day in Sicily a sweet memory to keep in your heart. Forever.

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Love is all you need!


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