Wellness in Sicily: it’s time to relax!

Wellness in SicilyWinter is coming, nothing better than a relaxing holiday! And if you want to restore both your body and your soul, wellness in Sicily is a good option. Sicilian Secrets shows you some of the most popular thermal hot springs on the island. Take note!

Breathe. Life is stressful, time constraints and frantic routine sometimes are definitely too much. Do you need a break? Wellness in Sicily is the key. And if you don’t know where you can go to fully enjoy your relaxing holiday, take note of our travel tips.

Termini Imerese (PA)

This town is in the province of Palermo and is renowned thanks to the volcanic hot springs that were discovered by the Phoenicians and Greeks, but Romans were the first who actually built some bathing facilities. Many ancient legends take place in Termini Imerese but for sure, the best thing to do is to go there and restore your body both if you have some pathologies and if you seek just relax.

Wellness in Sicily
Termini Imerese

Sciacca (AG)

Sciacca is one of the most active towns for spa and thermal waters. It is considered excellent all-around Italy thanks to the specific wellness treatments you can do. According to the legend, Dedalus discovered these baths when he ran away from Crete! In the past, Greeks really loved Sciacca, but Romans were the first ones to fully exploit this area. One of the gems of wellness in Sicily is the cave of Saint Calogero where, thanks to hot vapors, people can do some treatments to heal their respiratory system. For skin diseases, nothing is better than sulfurous water.


Alì Terme (ME)

This is one of the oldest thermal facilities in Sicily. People used to come even in the XVI century, but it became very famous in the XVII century thanks to a very special tourist: René Descartes! Two springs, Sorgente Marino and Sorgente Granata-Cassibile are fantastic to heal your body, all your senses will be incredibly enhanced.

Wellness in Sicily
Alì Terme

Castellammare del Golfo (TP)

Wellness in Sicily means even mythology! If you choose the so-called Terme Segestane, you’ll immediately learn that this spring came about when the Nymphs wanted to restore Hercules. Are you going to be the next hero? Once you get there, don’t miss an extra stop at the Greek Theatre of Segesta.

Terme Segestane

Vulcano and Pantelleria

And in the end, add these two amazing islands into your bucket list! Vulcano with its mud (a little bit stinky but good to moisturize your skin) and Pantelleria with the sulfurous spring in its lake called Specchio di Venere are unique. Go-go-go!


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