Like a tourist in Palermo: the city from a different point of view

tourist in PalermoTo visit a new place is always a great experience. But have you ever tried to be a tourist in your own city? It can be something unique because there are many hidden spots that maybe you never saw before. I’m from Palermo and last month I wanted to live my city with the eyes of someone who comes into the city for the first time. On Sicilian Secrets I want to tell you my adventure as a tourist in Palermo.

It was mid-July when I happened to be in Palermo for work. I live in Milan, but my Sicilian soul is always alive. It was just a coincidence, but I had the chance to visit my city on one of the most special days, July 15th. On this day, in Palermo we celebrate the patron Saint of the city, so it was such a great emotion to live all of this – paradoxically – for the first time! Wow, I was a tourist in Palermo.

tourist in Palermo
Santa Rosalia, street art


Here is some advice to enjoy an experience like mine!


There’s no better way than visiting the city with a tour by Ape-taxi! This vehicle is very traditional in Sicily and if you want to see every corner of Palermo, count on one of these local drivers. They know all secrets and are ready to share them with you. During a couple of hours as a tourist in Palermo, I saw the real side of my own town. Many monuments, people, flavors, sounds: simply incredible.

tourist in Palermo
Ape-Taxi – My driver Tony

When a tourist in Palermo visit the street-markets

The street-markets in Palermo are one of the main attractions. Vucciria, Ballarò, Capo…it’s a real dive into the taste of Sicily. I was surprised to see so many people working hard even if outside was insanely hot. A walk around the markets it’s like a walk along traditions. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to try some specialties like the famous pane & panelle or to take a seat in small bar and cool down just ordering a granita.

tourist in Palermo
Granita & brioche

A city with a view

Every time I go back to Sicily, I sleep at my family’s place. I have never been at the hotel in Palermo, but this time…I did it! What a surprise, I enjoyed the city from a different point of view. It was nice to take a breakfast with other people that were on holiday, share my experience as a citizen, relax and take a couple of minutes for myself. Sometimes we completely underrate or forget about the beauty of the place where we grew up or used to live. For me, to be a tourist in Palermo was something that touched my heart and that who knows, maybe I’ll do again one day.

tourist in Palermo
Piazza Pretoria from the top

In the meantime, if you want to discover Sicily for the first time, take a look at the programs by Sicilian Secrets and Dimensione Sicilia, we have a lot of tours to make you live an unforgettable vacation. Join us!


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