Valentina D’Agostino, the actress with a contagious charm

Valentina D'Agostino

She has a contagious smile and is charming like Brigitte Bardot. She was born in Palermo in 1982: this is the actress Valentina D’Agostino. She got her diploma at the Accademia Teatro Biondo Stabile in Palermo and since many years we have seen her on TV and at the cinema.

Valentina D’Agostino became popular thanks to several Italian TV Series and above all, playing the role of Patrizia in La mafia uccide solo d’estate. Sicilian Secrets interviewed her for you.

Valentina D'Agostino
Valentina D’Agostino
Q: Valentina D’Agostino: you are from Palermo and despite many actors, you attended the drama school in your city. How was the experience at Teatro Biondo?

A: An adjective is enough: it was constructive. I learnt everything, from elocution to body motion. But I had the opportunity to learn also what I don’t want to do, a kind of drama that I don’t judge interesting and exciting.

Valentina D'Agostino
Valentina D’Agostino
Q: Cinema and TV, what’s the experience that you mostly keep in your heart and gave you something special?

A: Without a doubt, it was Il giovane Montalbano. I played a role written by Andrea Camilleri, Viola. She was a strong, fragile, devastated, determined girl. She had any shade of emotions. Moreover, it was an honor to work together with Gianluca Maria Tavarelli and Michele Riondino.

Q: How much of your being Sicilian do you bring in front of the camera?

A: I bring the truth of my being a woman from Palermo. The passion that people from Palermo have in their DNA, the pain, the comic sense. Depending on the role I have to play, I pick one of these characteristics and give them to the character.

Valentina D'Agostino
Valentina D’Agostino
Q: We have recently seen you among the protagonists of La mafia uccide solo d’estate – Capitolo 2, what can you say about this adventure? How your being Sicilian helped you to better understand the character of Patrizia?

A: Patrizia has been a character that I have loved since the beginning. Her language, and her typical Sicilian gestures…everything was so familiar, it was like if we have always been friends.

Valentina D'Agostino
Valentina D’Agostino with Francesco Scianna
Q: TV/Cinema vs Theater: what do you prefer and why?

A: It’s a question that many people ask me, and the answer can be very long or very short. This time I’ll be brief: I prefer life, truth, passion, sweat, wherever they are.

Q: Valentina D’Agostino, make a wish! Is there a professional dream that you hope to make true soon?

A: Yes, I have a dream. I’d like to come back on the stage of a theater soon. It’s a completely different kind of emotion!


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