Sicily in spring: 5 reasons to visit it

Sicilia in primavera

Spring has come: it’s bright and joyful, characterized by the scent of flowers and mild wind. Nature has awakened as well as the will to travel and there is no better destination than Sicily. From regional natural parks to the beaches, villages and cities, this island is definitely the place to be…and if someone is looking for some good reasons to visit Sicily in spring, keep on reading this article and be inspired by the ideas suggested by Sicilian Secrets.

Every moment of the year has some distinctive traits and colors, and offers the opportunity to live some unique experiences. There are many reasons to visit Sicily in spring, we have chosen five of them. Are you ready to go?

You have to see what you missed the first time, see again what you already saw, see in springtime what you saw in summer, in daylight what you saw at night.

– José Saramago

Easter in Sicily

The first reason to take advantage of this period to discover this island is to learn more about Easter traditions. Each part of the island has its own customs, some completely unexpected such as the one of Piana degli Albanesi and the other towns where the Arbëreshë community celebrates the Resurrection with the Greek-Byzantine rite. If you go to Aidone, in the province of Enna, during Holy Week the gigantic statues of the twelve apostles parade through the streets, while in Prizzi, people dance: it’s a mix of sacred and the profane. U ballu di Diavuli is in fact the dance of the masks of death and devils as they try to prevent the reunion of Jesus and Virgin Mary.

The events

To visit Sicily in spring allows you to take part in the numerous events scheduled during from March to May. For example, don’t miss the Sagra del mandorlo in fiore in Agrigento. Every year in March spring is celebrated with a one week-festival that is closed by the parade of Sicilian carts and some folk groups from all over the world. Another event you have to remember is the Infiorata di Noto, on the third Sunday in May. Via Nicolaci is decorated with flower petals set up by flower artists who are able to reproduce real paintings.

sicily in spring
Mandorlo in Fiore, Agrigento – Credits:

Hiking in nature

Summer is often too hot, temperature drops in winter. In autumn, nature begins to fall asleep… therefore, let’s enjoy spring. This is the perfect season to organize some excursions to parks and nature reserves to fully appreciate all ‘green’ shades of the island. You can have a walk in the suggestive Vendicari Reserve in southern Sicily, hike in the Etna Valley on the slopes of the volcano, have a picnic in the Madonie and Nebrodi Natural Park or even, for those who want a pinch of adventure, the Cavagrande reserve is recommended. You will see a white rock canyon over 10 km long where a river flows. 

sicily in spring
Cavagrande reserve – Credits:

Let’s relax on the beach

Who said that it is too early to go to the beach? Don’t be surprised if in spring you see someone diving into the sea. When the temperature rises a little bit more, many Sicilians do not hesitate to enjoy the sea even if water is often…still chilly! If you are not ready to dare, in this season it is nice to spend a day on the beach far from the summer chaos. So, even some famous crowded places such as San Vito Lo Capo, Cefalù, Giardini Naxos or minor islands become true paradises. Grab a sandwich to eat on the go, don’t forget your sunglasses…and a bathing suit, because…who knows? Maybe you can change your mind!

sicily in spring
Cefalù – Credits: Alberto Carobene

City breaks

Sicilian cities hold immense treasures, some of them are visible…others still hidden but very fascinating! In Palermo you are as impressed by the magnificence of the Cathedral as you can feel a thrill by visiting the Capuchin Catacombs. In Catania you can be intrigued by the story of the elephant – the symbol of the city – and at the same time scared by the ghosts of the Ursino Castle. In Agrigento you have the opportunity to travel back in time in the Valley of the Temples, in Syracuse you can get lost in the alleys of Ortygia…Spring is just a moment, perhaps fleeting. We must live it, so why don’t you plan a city break? Whether it’s a week or maybe just 5-6 days, it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Ortygia – Credits: Alberto Carobene
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