Ecotours of Sicily: discover the island, save the planet

Sicily is green! Dimensione Sicilia is always a step forward and takes care of the environment with something new: let’s say ‘welcome’ to the Ecotours of Sicily. Drive all around the island by electric car and enjoy 100% green itineraries. Do you want to know more? Keep on reading this article, stay tuned on Sicilian Secrets.

Save the planet, choose the Ecotours of Sicily designed by Dimensione Sicilia. If you want to explore the island on your own, if you love driving…well, this is the perfect way to organize your next holiday. In 14 or 8 days you can plan your itinerary, stop in the most important cities and respect the environment at the same time. Eco-friendly, cheap (no fuel!) and innovative, what else?

Ecotours of Sicily represent the idea of ‘slow tourism’, a new trend that in this period is impacting a lot on the travel industry. Discover, relax and manage your time as you prefer. Are you ready to start this journey together?

Two weeks to fall in love

Recharge your electric car, let’s go. Fall is one of the best moments of the year to visit Sicily, perfect temperature and not too crowded. One of the possible Ecotours of Sicily you can book is in 14 days, first stop Catania. This city is lively and attractive especially for your people. Culture, tradition and entertainment are the ingredients that make Catania so special. Drive to the so-called Riviera dei Ciclopi and jump into the legend of Odysseus, explore Taormina and its beautiful alleys, stop in front of Mount Etna and feel the energy of the volcano. And this is just the beginning!

Ecotours of Sicily

Your green itinerary will take you to many other iconic places such as Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples, Selinunte – where you can actually touch the most ancient history of Sicily! –, Palermo, Cefalù and Castelbuono. Take note of a couple of curiosities: if you are a movie-lover, you will easily recognize some locations from the film ‘Cinema Paradiso’. Moreover, once you get in Castelbuono, ask for their traditional panettone, an Italian Xmas specialty that in this town you can eat whenever you want, summer included!

It’s a pretty long journey, but it’s not a problem because you can recharge your car basically everywhere thanks to several charging points throughout the towns.

Toward the East Side

8 days on the island. Vroooom…take your car and plunge into the gems of Eastern Sicily. Ecotours of Sicily by Dimensione Sicilia have been created to satisfy even those people who have just a few days to go on holiday, but don’t worry: one week is enough to visit at least one of the coasts and surrounding areas. The East Side tour starts from Catania and takes you all over the Eastern/Southern part of the island.

Ecotours of SicilyOne of the most beautiful spots is Piazza Armerina where you can breathe the Roman atmosphere of the past. Have you ever heard about Villa del Casale and all mosaics you can see inside? Keep on driving to south and stop in Caltagirone, the town of pottery, Ragusa Ibla, Noto, Modica (don’t forget to taste their delicious chocolate!) and Syracuse of course. From Ancient Greek monuments to Baroque, it’s going to be an unforgettable tour that you can describe using just a word: beautiful.

Never forget that, thanks to the electric car, you can drive even in the restricted traffic areas because it doesn’t pollute.

(Not too) Far West

Ecotours of Sicily take you also to West. Do you know that every itinerary can be customized according to your needs and budget? From Economy to Luxury accommodations, your road trip will be unique. This time your departure is from Palermo, the main city of Sicily with an incredible multicultural history: from the Arab-Norman Cathedral to Teatro Massimo, from Baroque churches to the beach in Mondello.

Ecotours of SicilyYou’ll go to Monreale and Cefalù to follow the UNESCO Heritage itinerary…it’s history, babe. Walk, imagine, dream. This is the magic of Sicily! Not too Far West, stop in Erice and be amazed by the view from the top – when the sky is very clear you can see up to Tunisia, awesome. Live the emotion of the sunset in Marsala while drinking a glass of local wine, and before ending your tour in Trapani, visit the Aegadian Island: Favignana and the blue sea, and Levanzo – tiny and charming – will definitely steal your heart.

And now? Now it’s up to you! Remember, to choose an electric car for your holiday means respecting the environment, the nature you love to explore. Learn more on our website and contact us for some extra information.

Earth is our pulsating Heart.

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