Piazza Armerina and Villa del Casale: a walk in the history

Piazza ArmerinaArt and culture, history and tradition. Are you ready to go back in time and explore Piazza Armerina and the famous Villa del Casale? A great collection of Roman mosaics from one of the most renown Sicilian UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Let’s discover more with Sicilian Secrets!

In the middle of Sicily there’s a small town in the province of Enna: this is Piazza Armerina. The city flourished during the Roman era but developed during the Norman period in the XI century.

Piazza Armerina
Piazza Armerina (view)

Every visitor can clearly see the medieval side of the village thanks to the peculiar architecture, once you get there don’t miss the frescoes inside the church of the Priorato di Sant’Andrea. It’s pretty outside the city and was founded in 1096 by the nephew of Roger I of Sicily.

Piazza Armerina
Priorato di Sant’Andrea

Do you love art? Put the Baroque cathedral in your bucket list! It was built between the XVII and XVIII century and is characterized by a rare two-sided crucifix and an outstanding portal with spiral columns by Leonardo De Luca.

Piazza Armerina
The cathedral (outside)
Piazza Armerina
The cathedral (inside)

…but the main attraction of Piazza Armerina is the Villa del Casale

When was the bikini invented? If you think it’s something modern, you’re getting wrong! And if you are wondering why I asked you this question…well, read more!

Piazza Armerina
Villa del Casale: the Chamber of the Ten Maidens

This is one of the most celebrated mosaics of this amazing Roman Villa that dates back to the IV century AD, and you can see it in the so-called Chamber of the Ten Maidens.

…therefore now, you know that the bikini is not so recent!

But there’s something more to know about the Villa del Casale in Piazza Armerina. Excavations have revealed one of the richest and largest collections of Roman mosaics in the world that is unique also thanks to the excellent state of preservation.

Can you believe that one of the mosaics shows a man who is skiing? Honestly, this picture is just known as ‘a youth in motion’, but if we use our imagination he can a be a skier too, why not!

Piazza Armerina
Villa del Casale: a youth in motion

Once you arrive at the entrance of this ancient jewel, a three-arched gateway welcomes you. You will walk into the courtyard surrounded by marble columns with a fountain in the middle. Simply monumental.

Piazza Armerina
Villa del Casale: the entrance
Do you want to discover more?

Finish your archeological tour with another step: Morgantina. For getting more information about this destination, you have to wait but, in the meantime, don’t stop following Sicilian Secrets.

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