Sicilian wines and grape varieties, cheers!

Sicilian winesDrink well, drink Sicilian wines! Sicily is famous for vineyards and grape varieties, so for wines. Red, white or rosé, find your favorite one and grab a glass. Enjoy the tradition of the island and let’s drink a toast with Sicilian Secrets.

Sicilian wines belong to the tradition of the island. This industry dates back to the 8th-7th centuries B.C. and someone says it’s even older…who knows! According to legend, Dionysus brought pleasure to mankind, and wine to Sicily. For sure, if we look at the present, we can discover a huge diversity and many grape varieties that make each wine simply unique. Let’s travel around Sicily…in a sip.

Passion for red grape varieties

Nero D’Avola

You cannot say to have tasted Sicilian wines if you don’t try a glass of Nero D’Avola. The name is related to the town of Avola in the province of Syracuse, this wine is definitely the ‘king’ of red wines. Nowadays it is grown all over the island and is characterized by a dark ruby color. It’s going to be love at the first sip thanks to the juicy berry fragrances such as strawberry and cherry. And if you pay attention, you won’t miss the spicy aftertaste and the scent of chocolate.

Nero d'Avola
Nero d’Avola – Credits:

Nerello Cappuccio

Destination Mount Etna! Nerello Cappuccio has been used many times as a blending partner for other Sicilian wines such as Nerello Mascalese, the main constituent of Etna Rosso DOC wines and many other red wines produced on the volcano. Now, some winemakers are finally understanding its incredible potential…are you ready to taste the magic of lava soils?

Nerello Cappuccio
Nerello Cappuccio – Credits:


Next stop, the Southeast of Sicily. Here is the land of Frappato, a ruby-violet wine with some red berries and violets notes. Spicy, a little bit acidic and redolent of rhubarb and young cherries. It’s perfect if you like fruity wines!

Sicilian wines
Frappato – Credits:

Passion for white grape varieties


Zibibbo grapes are dried in the sun and turned into one of the most celebrated Sicilian wines: Passito di Pantelleria. Natural sugar makes it a delicious dessert wine, the ideal finishing touch for your meal. The ancestor of zibibbo is the ancient Muscat of Alexandria and was brought to Sicily more than one-thousand years ago by the Arabs. Cheers!

Sicilian wines
Zibibbo – Credits:


Have you ever explored the Western side of Sicily? Grillo is used both to be blended with other varieties such as Catarratto, Inzolia and Damaschino or on its own. Smell the wine…it’s so fruity! Close your eyes and be seduced by the acidic notes, the memories of pineapple and green apple. Pour nature in a glass!

Sicilian wines
Grillo – Credits: Wikipedia

Malvasia Bianca

You shall have wine enough, my lord, anon.

Shakespeare – Richard III

When Malvasia Bianca is combined with about 5% Corinto Nero, here is the so-called Malvasia delle Lipari, one of the most popular Sicilian wines from the Aeolian Islands. High quality drink…the legends says that Richard III ordered the execution of his brother, the Duke of Clarence. Richard’s hired killers decided to drown Clarence in a large cask of the brew. When they arrived at the Tower of London to carry out the task, the unsuspecting Clarence asked for a cup of wine. The Second Murderer told him: «You shall have wine enough, my lord, anon».

…so, never forget to drink responsibly!

Sicilian wines
Malvasia Bianca – Credits:
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