Sicilian beaches, have a good time on the island

Sicilian beachesSummer is nice and warm, definitely the best season to enjoy sunny days by the sea. So, in there any better destination than Sicily? On the island you can visit major cities and small towns, learn a lot about history and culture and of course, you can relax on the gorgeous Sicilian beaches. If you are curious to know more, follow Sicilian Secrets’ advice.

Sicilian beaches mean summer! It’s time to pack, don’t forget your bathing suit, camera and will to swim and have a good time. We all deserve a holiday! When you say Sicily, it’s almost impossible not to think about the sea and beautiful coasts…each beach is different, from the most crowded to the quietest and remote ones. Which one do you prefer?

Mondello (Palermo)

Mondello is the beach the people from Palermo love the most. If you are visiting the city in summer, you cannot miss it! Soft sand, blue sea and an unforgettable view of the gulf. If you are travelling with kids, it’s a good option. Moreover, you can easily get there by bus from the city center, the most brilliant idea to take a break and enjoy this very peculiar district.

Sicilian beaches
Mondello – Credits: Dennis G. Jarvis

Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve

Welcome to the province of Trapani, Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve is not too far from the well-known San Vito Lo Capo. Whoever loves the sea and small bays will love this place too. Nature is pure and wild; you can do snorkeling and be amazed by thousands of colored fish. It’s a nice way to spend your day, especially if you are not looking for anything banal.

Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve

The Turkish Steps (Realmonte)

White and blue, don’t expect a conventional beach. The Turkish Steps (in Italian La scala dei turchi) is in Realmonte, in the province of Agrigento and is a unique place, almost surreal. White limestone is kissed by the waves…have you ever seen anything like this? This cliff is suggested to those people who feel pretty adventurous because the entry is not as easy as in a normal beach, but your effort will be rewarded by an unforgettable experience (and tons of pictures).

Sicilian beaches
The Turkish Steps

Mazzaforno (Cefalù)

Cefalù is one of the most popular towns on the island, but have you ever heard about Mazzaforno? It’s a few kilometers away from the city – you can drive there in 10 minutes – and you’ll find one of the wildest Sicilian beaches. During the week it’s pretty quiet, perfect if you like to swim and don’t care about bars and other facilities. One of the characteristics of this beach is the rock, maybe you’ll be surprised to find a sort of lunar stones. If you don’t have a car, don’t worry! You can spend your time on the beach in Cefalù or plan a day trip to the Aeolian Islands…why not!


Portopalo di Capo Passero

Don’t be scared by the name! One of the most peculiar Sicilian beaches is located in the south of the island and is called Spiaggia delle Formiche (literally The Ants’ beach). Once you get there, you’ll see a golden beach…it sparkles in the sun! And if you like to dive, be ready to jump off the cliff…it’s a natural diving board. Relax and have fun, here is the only rule to respect.

Sicilian beaches
Spiaggia delle Formiche – Credits: Mirko Chessari
Clearly, this is just a selection of Sicilian beaches, it would be impossible to talk about them all. Come to Sicily with Dimensione Sicilia to live these emotions in person. Follow us on Sicilian Secrets’ Facebook page and Instagram, take a look at our website to discover all tours. Happy summer!

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