Special New Year’s Eve Tours 2023 by Sicilian Secrets, let’s discover more!

Tour Sicilia Speciale CapodannoThere are some people who are already thinking about Christmas…and those who lie! When autumn comes and summer begins to fade in our memories, there is no better way than dreaming about winter holidays to immediately feel happy. So, Dimensione Sicilia helps you: our Sicilian Secrets Special New Year’s Eve Tours 2023 are bookable. Let’s discover more.

Do you hate to answer the classic question ‘What are you gonna do on New Year’s Eve?’. Because we know it, everybody has that friend who as soon as autumn comes is ready to fully enjoy winter. So, this year be ready to answer: ‘Yes, I’m gonna leave with Dimensione Sicilia!’. Our Sicilian Secrets Special New Year’s Eve Tours 2023 are already bookable, it is an opportunity to discover the beauty of this island during the most magical moment of the year.

Christmas atmosphere makes Sicily a mix of traditional songs, lights and scents, cities ‘wear’ their most sparkling dress. And even those who may have already visited some places during the other seasons or have only relaxed on the beach, will be surprised to see everything decorated with the shimmering colors of Christmas. To kick off 2023, a new year that hopefully will bring joy to everyone, Dimensione Sicilia offers three itineraries of 8, 6 and 5 days . And you, which one do you choose?

Sicilian Secrets Special New Year’s Eve – 8-day tour 

Enjoy one week in Sicily to experience the most exciting holidays of the year. The 8-day Sicilian Secrets Special New Year’s Eve Tour will depart from Catania on December 27th, you will meet our tour leader here. This is where this tour starts, from the city of the elephant on the slopes of Etna! During the 8 days we will visit Syracuse and the famous Archaeological Park, we will learn more about the elegant Baroque of Noto, then we will move to Ragusa Ibla visiting the churches and the Ibleo garden, passing through Modica and Piazza Armerina.

After the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento and the salt pans of Marsala, we will arrive in Palermo and it will be here that on December 31st we will wait for midnight to welcome 2023! On New Year’s Day, Sicilian Secrets will take you by the sea in Cefalù, and then we will conclude the tour with a stop to discover Etna and Taormina.

Info: https://www.dimensionesicilia.com/en/sicilian-secrets-tour-of-sicily/new-years-eve-tour-of-sicily-8-days

Sicilian Secrets Special New Year's Eve
Catania (Credits: Alberto Carobene)

Sicilian Secrets Special New Year’s Eve – 6-day tour

The suggestion of a tour in Sicily during the holidays does not vanish even if you opt for a slightly shorter itinerary like the one that Sicilian Secrets organizes in 6 days. This package also includes departure from the fascinating city of Catania on December 27th. The itinerary of the first five days is the same as the 8-day tour, with the difference that it ends on January 1st in Palermo.

Info: https://www.dimensionesicilia.com/en/sicilian-secrets-tour-of-sicily/new-years-eve-tour-of-sicily-6-days/ 

Sicilian Secrets Special New Year's Eve
Syracuse (Credits: Alberto Carobene)

Sicilian Secrets Special New Year’s Eve – 5-day tour

Last but not least, the Sicilian Secrets Special New Year’s Eve 5-day Tour is perfect for those who want to organize a winter break and enjoy what Sicily offers beyond summer. We’ll meet in Palermo on December 30th and from here, the day after, we are going to head towards Monreale to be amazed by its treasures. The Arab-Norman Cathedral is defined as the eighth wonder of the world…what better way to introduce it? Back to the city, we will take a tour of the Sicilian capital to then get ready for the midnight toast. For New Year’s we will go to Cefalù and Catania, from here, on January 2nd, we will leave for a walk through the Etna Park and finally, Taormina: the pearl of the Ionian Sea.

Info: https://www.dimensionesicilia.com/en/sicilian-secrets-tour-of-sicily/new-years-eve-tour-of-sicily-5-days

Sicilian Secrets Special New Year's Eve
Palermo (Credits: Alberto Carobene)
Are you ready to leave with Sicilian Secrets? Book our Sicilian Secrets Special New Year’s Eve Tours 2023 and learn more about the other itineraries by Dimensione Sicilia. Keep on following Sicilian Secretsread the articles on our blog and the interviews, without forgetting the news on our Facebook page and Instagram.

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