Sicilian Secrets itineraries, the news of March

Sicilian Secrets itineraries

March has come, the weather is mild, and it is finally time to travel again. After two difficult years for tourism industry, everybody wants to plan their next holiday and above all, it’s better to do it with Dimensione Sicilia.
Many Sicilian Secrets itineraries are ready to start, the countdown has begun, and this is the moment to choose the best tour to fulfill your wishes. Which one? Discover Sicily and fully experience the beauty of this land.

All Sicilian Secrets itineraries want to show tourists the most fascinating face of Sicily. An island rich in history, culture and traditions where you can be seduced by nature, but also by monuments and people. Between the scent of the sea and the flavors of food, between the majesty of the mountains and the intense notes of a good wine, here are the new tours by Dimensione Sicilia for 2022.

10 days in Sicily

Do you want to enjoy a full immersion in Sicily? There is no doubt that the best tour for you is the one in 10 days. Actually, you can choose between two options: on one side the Sicilian Secrets itinerary from Catania to Taormina (first departure, Saturday March 19th), on the other the one from Palermo (first departure, Tuesday March 22nd). In both cases, we will visit the most famous places on the island such as Syracuse, Noto, Mount Etna, Monreale and so on. If this is the first time you come to this part of Italy, you will be able – thanks to the expertise of our guides – to truly explore some unique corners that will take your breath away.

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Sicilian Secrets itineraries
Palermo – Credits: Alberto Carobene

8 days in Sicily

Here is shorter stay but that won’t disappoint you! Those who want to take a one-week vacation can choose the 8-day tour departing from Catania every Saturday (first departure, March 19th). Once you have met the guide…let’s go! The first two stops on our journey will be Syracuse and Noto, then we’ll travel to the south of the island towards Ragusa and Modica and will continue to visit a true treasure: Piazza Armerina. We will stop in Agrigento to explore the Valley of the Temples, in Marsala, Palermo, Monreale and Cefalù to be back on the eastern side and enjoy Taormina. This is an intense program for those who dream of taking home unforgettable memories.

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Itinerari Sicilian Secrets
Catania – Credits: Alberto Carobene

Take a break in Sicily

Have you already visited Sicily? Do you have nostalgia and desire to return to the places of your heart? No problem, 6 and 5-day tours are coming.

Is this your first time in Sicily but you have time only for a short break? Likewise!

These itineraries by Sicilian Secrets are full of ‘sicilianity’! The 6-day tour is starting on March 19th from Catania and after visiting places such us Ragusa Ibla, Piazza Armerina, Agrigento, the salt pans of Marsala and Monreale, will end in Palermo.Conversely, the 5-day route will start from Palermo to reach Catania after stopping in some iconic locations such as Cefalù and Taormina. Let’s experience the true taste of Sicily!

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Sicilian Secrets itineraries
Cefalù – Credits: Alberto Carobene

Beyond Sicily

Dimensione Sicilia with their Sicilian Secrets itineraries goes even beyond the borders of the island. In March, two tours that will be launched.For those who can’t wait to learn more about southern Italy, we take you on vacation for 9 days to discover Sicily-Matera-Apulia. Three destinations as wonderful as ever: first departure is scheduled for March 22nd from Palermo, on the fifth day we will arrive in Catania and from there we will fly to Bari. We will visit Matera, the European Capital of culture 2019 renowned for their famous ‘Sassi’, and then Alberobello, Ostuni and Lecce, known as the symbol of the Apulian Baroque.

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Finally, here is the perfect tour for those who are planning to travel abroad: Sicily and Malta, together. This is a 11-day itinerary that from Catania will take you to Valletta, Mdina, the spectacular Blue Grotto, etc., basically the gems of this archipelago that rises in the center of the Mediterranean. Sicily and Malta, culturally speaking, share a lot…even some words of their languages, gastronomy and desserts. It is a ‘walk’ between two neighboring worlds, two pearls. This is more than a holiday, it’s an experience. What are the dates you have to put on your schedule? The first departure, that is on Saturday March 19th.

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Valletta, Malta
Do you want to pack suitcase and come with us? What are you waiting for? Book now your tour! Keep on following Sicilian Secrets, read the articles on the blog and the interviews, without forgetting the news on our Facebook page and Instagram. Stay tuned…more tours coming soon!

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