Romantic places in Sicily for Valentine’s Day

Romantic places in Sicily

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. People celebrate love and they can do it in the most romantic places in Sicily. Let’s go around to explore the most fascinating island in the Mediterranean, this journey can become a collection of memories to be kept forever. Sicilian Secrets takes you to visit 5 landmarks you cannot miss… definitely sweet!

Valentine’s Day is the day when lovers enjoy some time together. A candlelit dinner, some relax at the spa…or maybe an out-of-town trip. If you are looking for a destination for this occasion, just venture into the romantic places in Sicily. Each love story is different, so you need the right location to tell it best.

Be enchanted in front of the sunset

The most traditional couples can choose Erice and be amazed by the sunset. This village in the province of Trapani is certainly one of the most romantic places in Sicily, perfect for Valentine’s Day. Once you get at the Norman castle, choose a bench, hug each other and wait for the sunset. You’ll see the sea colored by some ​​pink and orange brushstrokes, a magical light that will shine on the saltworks that will be with you until nightfall. Fairy-tale.

Romantic places in Sicily

Fall in love with history

The diehards of culture, those who never give up learning something new, cannot miss the beauty of Ragusa Ibla. Live it at night, walking hand in hand with your soulmate under the starry sky. The Baroque, the narrow streets, the picturesque views and the moon. In silence, only the beating of hearts in unison. Eternity.

Romantic places in Sicily
Ragusa Ibla – Credits: Alberto Carobene

Jump into the legend

Among the most romantic places in Sicily there are some…legendary spots. One of these places is located in Syracuse, we are on the island of Ortigia in front of the Fountain of Arethusa, where papyrus plants spontaneously sprout. This fountain is linked to the story of a troubled love, the one of Alpheus and the nymph Arethusa. On Valentine’s Day, taking a photograph here is a must, you will be brought to an almost surreal environment in one of the most beautiful cities on the island. Mythological. 

luoghi romantici di Sicilia
Ortigia – Credits: Alberto Carobene

Adventurous love… with a view

Enjoy a nice warm morning on Valentine’s Day in Sicily and organize an excursion to one of the best-known villages on the island. Welcome to Cefalù, where the unique citadel with the temple of Diana dominates the panorama. Wear a pair of comfortable shoes and go, all the way to the top. A pleasant hike to experience a breathtaking view…if you are lucky, you will also see the Aeolian Islands. Pose, kiss… click! Intrepid.

luoghi romantici di Sicilia
Cefalù – Credits: Alberto Carobene

Relax in the beauty

The last of the romantic places in Sicily where we want to accompany the ‘Valentines’ is in Catania, in the historic center of the city. Villa Bellini is the main garden, its green avenues are the setting for those who want to take a stroll in a serene, peaceful atmosphere. The flora is so varied that it could suddenly seem to be in the tropics. Exotic.

luoghi romantici di Sicilia
Catania – Villa Bellini
For this Valentine’s Day 2022 we let ourselves be hit by Cupid’s arrows and we fell in love, once again with Sicily. Keep on following Sicilian Secrets, read the articles on the blog and the interviews, without forgetting the news on our Facebook page and Instagram. Stay tuned!

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