It’s Xmas, choose your Sicilian gift!

Sicilian giftXmas is coming, have you already thought about the presents for your beloved ones? Don’t be banal and give them something special. What? A Sicilian gift, of course. If you are curious to know more and want to collect some good ideas, read more on Sicilian Secrets’ blog.

Last Xmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away…

It’s a sad story, many times we buy something special for someone else by our Xmas presents are easily ‘recycled’ after a week or so. It’s time to find something unique to make our family and friends happy, so choose now your Sicilian gift suggested by Sicilian Secrets.

Don’t be banal, pick an experience

Nothing is better than a nice trip to Sicily! And if you have no idea about how to organize a couple of days around, ask Dimensione Sicilia. The best Sicilian gift can be a weekend of wellness and relax in a beautiful thermal bath, or a short break dedicated to food and wine. Take a look at our Gift Packages.

Wine & Sicily

Something original and handmade

Pottery is one of the most famous Sicilian arts. You can choose one of the so-called ‘teste di moro’, for example. Otherwise, be classic and for Xmas buy something inspired to the Nativity. A cute little Nativity or a Xmas decoration can easily become the perfect Sicilian gift.

Testa di moro

Eat Sicily

When people hear ‘Sicily’, they immediately think about delicious food. So, it can sound obvious, but a basket full of typical products is a brilliant idea. Buccellati and many other treats inspired to our Xmas tradition will take a piece of Sicily wherever in the world. Don’t forget to add even a bottle of wine, of course!

Sicilian gift

A winter holiday in Sicily

Who said that Sicily should be visited only in summer? If you want to surprise your beloved, book a beautiful winter holiday and spend some time in Sicily. Dimensione Sicilia is organizing two special tours in February – 5 or 8 days – to explore the island and learn more about the feast of Saint Agatha, the patron saint of Catania. A great Sicilian gift that will be definitely unforgettable.

Sicilian gift
Feast of Saint Agatha, Catania

Sicily means art

Art is a great way to describe the beauty of Sicily. Therefore, choose among Sicilian artists and find the one you like the most. Each of them paints Sicily with their personal style, it’s up to you. A painting can be like a postcard to gift some memories and stop the time in an endless moment.

Sicilian gift
Sicily, by Francesco Collura

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Merry Xmas to all our readers, stay tuned!


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