Syracuse Classical Plays. Sicily between myth and legend


In Syracuse, a beautiful Sicilian city and one of the stop of Sicilian Secrets tour, rises up the Greek Theatre, interesting tourist destination with an high cultural importance thanks to Classical Tragedies’ season which every year liven up the city. Classic Tragedies are played during May and June each year and they gain a great success also thanks to Theatre’s beauty, majestic and timeless, which give a suggestive atmosphere to the artistic performances. Put up plays according to the classical parameters, at the twilight as in the Classical age, makes all more magic.

Close your eyes and think about a touching scene surrounded by priceless columns and pediments, at the lights of dusk and with the blue sea in the background.

Rappresentazioni Classiche

You will easily understand that classical plays in Syracuse are loved by followers and not. Syracuse is a beautiful city, rich of history, traditions, amazing beaches and breathtaking landscapes: Ortigia, the necropolis, Natural Reserve of Pantalica, Dionysus Ear. And what about food delicacies which will delight you during your journey?

If you have the chance to visit Syracuse in this period, don’t forget to include Classical Plays in your tour. We are sure you won’t be indifferent to excitements they are able to give.

Teatro Siracusa


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