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Sicilian food

Sicilian food, enjoy your tasty journey

Sicilian food is a sort of masterpiece. It’s definitely one of the most excellent peculiarities to describe this island that enchants more and more tourists every year. So, what are the traditional dishes you have to taste at least once during your holiday? Follow Sicilian Secrets to discover a delicious …

cous cous Trapani style

Trapany style cous cous

This fish cous cous it is a traditional and ancient recipe from Trapani, in Western Sicily. It is an arab dish adapted to the territory and the local products. Serves 4: 1octopus 6 mullet 2 snapper 2 bream 2 rose fish 500 gr shellfish, 4 squid 500 gr ripe tomatoes 1 onion 1 garlic …


Lemon sorbet

If you would like a typical Sicilian dessert, follow the  Lemon Sorbet’s recipe below. Serves 4: 500 ml lemon juice 2.5 l …


Jasmine blancmange

Serves 4: 20 jasmine flowers 500 ml full-cream milk 50 g white chocolate 50 g cornflour 100 g sugar Pour the milk …


Almond biscuits

The almond biscuits are a typical Sicilian pastry. A traditional recipe without butter and flour, perfect for tea time or for a …


Chocolate praline with nuts

Chocolate and nuts, two simple ingredients for a traditional Sicilian recipe: chocolate praline with nuts. Ingredients: 500 g (1 lb) 55% chocolate …

Broccoli Affogati

“Drowned” broccoli

During the winter period the “drowned” broccoli are a typical Sicilian side dish that is brought on our table. Serves 4: 1 …