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cous cous Trapani style

Trapany style cous cous

This fish cous cous it is a traditional and ancient recipe from Trapani, in Western Sicily. It is an arab dish adapted to the territory and the local products. Serves 4: 1octopus 6 mullet 2 snapper 2 bream 2 rose fish 500 gr shellfish, 4 squid 500 gr ripe tomatoes 1 onion 1 garlic …

Cazzilli di patate

Potato croquettes

Potato croquettes are served all over Italy but in Sicily they are also know as “Cazzilli di patate”. Here the recipe with only 5 ingredients: 1kg floury potatoes 200 gr pecorino cheese, grated 1 handful chopped Italian parsley Nutmeg (optional) 00 flour maize or sunflower oil salt & pepper Boil …