Mariella Todaro, when job means passion with Dimensione Sicilia

Mariella Todaro What makes a trip to Sicily unique? Sicily itself! Dimensione Sicilia, thanks to the expertise of its team, knows how to make every itinerary unforgettable and 100% tailor-made! And so, for your group trip, it’s worth taking the advice of people like Mariella Todaro of Dimensione Sicilia’s Groups Operations and Sales Department.

Q: What are the ingredients to build the ‘perfect’ tailor-made group trip?

A: I would say 1 kilogram of knowledge, 1 kilogram of focus, a pinch of luck, just enough passion, and love at will.

Q: Mainly, what groups do you work with? What are the requests that most frequently come to you when organizing?

A: I mainly deal with small and large association, religious and Cral groups but also corporate, school and recreational groups. The requests are many, from providing for Holy Masses during the trip, perhaps in lofty cathedrals, to including tastings worthy of a sheikh, to providing ‘that extra something’ that makes the trip unforgettable.

Mariella Todaro
Marsala – Credits: Alberto Carobene

Q: In your opinion, what are the tourism trends for group travel to date? What has changed from the past?

A: Regardless of the type of trip, everyone loves novelties to be associated with traditions. In short, a ‘gastronomic treat’ or an ‘unusual destination’ should always be planned to make them happy; something that when they return, talking to their friends, will give them a new talking point. Compared to the past, there is more attention to the itinerary and the quality of services especially the cultural aspect of the trip. The right guide is always sought, with a perfect balance of knowledge, sympathy and empathy.

Q: What is the masterpiece of Mariella Todaro in organizing a group trip?

A: I would say personalization. Thanks to good dialectics and listening skills, I create a conversational relationship with the client that over the months leading up to the trip helps me understand what the group really likes or dislikes. As a result, I adapt services based on the idea I get. Every traveler has different expectations and desires so I cannot generalize.

On the road – Credits: Alberto Carobene

Q: Thinking about your own experience, is there any funny anecdote you would like to share about organizing a trip?

A: In the office, colleagues often laugh because I am the salesperson to whom the most special requests come, anything outside of the classic trip usually goes through me…maybe because I love to take on new challenges, broaden my knowledge or simply because I can’t say no. I remember a family group that wanted to bike around the whole of Sicily…it was hard to make them understand that it would be impossible in just 10 days!

Q: In your opinion, what makes a group trip to Sicily memorable?

A: Simple, Sicily itself! How not to be fascinated by this wonderful land of a thousand contrasts and facets, whose cultural heritage competes on equal terms with its natural beauty. An ongoing challenge in a rich and generous land that inevitably carves out a small space in the hearts of those who visit it.

Agrigento – Credits: Alberto Carobene

Q: The opinion of Mariella Todaro. Why would someone choose Dimensione Sicilia for their group travel arrangements?

A: Dimensione Sicilia is a big family where clients often become friends. There is a serene atmosphere and a true passion for Sicily that can be felt in the work done. DimSi loves and transmits this love, accompanies travelers to discover the island as a mother would a child, highlights hidden beauties, creates experiences and generates memories, those same ones that then suddenly after years surprise us with a smile.

Q: And finally, what makes you happy and motivates you to keep going in your work?

A: I am a lucky person, doing a job I love, with colleagues who are often friends, in a serene and cheerful work environment. Creating journeys is creating experiences and emotions that if done well leave indelible memories in travelers and joy in those who designed them…it’s a real alchemy, and it’s good to feel like an alchemist!

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