Adventurous places in Sicily: 5 ideas for adrenaline-pumping thrills

luoghi avventurosiSicily…what a wonderful destination! To be experienced by relaxing, visiting archaeological sites or getting lost in the alleys of the cities. Or, why not discover a different face of the island? An adrenaline-fueled, almost heart-stopping character. Ready to take a new trip with Sicilian Secrets? Here are 5 adventurous places to put on one’s bucket list.

Even in Sicily, everyone can dream of being an Indiana Jones…or even just a brave and danger-scorned traveler. On the island, in fact, there is no shortage of adventurous places. Those where you can experience an adrenaline rush, where you can feel your breath run out, where you can close your eyes…and then open them, suddenly, and let the wonder enter your heart. Sicilian Secrets offers you 5 ideas to get to know this unconventional side of Sicily.

Body rafting in the Alcantara Gorges

Water, rock and speed: welcome to the Alcantara Gorges. It is in this picturesque location that you can practice an exciting activity, namely body rafting. How is it practiced? You use your body as a raft to cross a stretch of river and it is often combined with river trekking and canyoning. In Sicily, one of the iconic adventurous places to get involved is this canyon in the eastern part of the island, usually after ascending the watercourse for 800 meters to the Pozza di Venere, one starts with body rafting so as to experience to the fullest a series of thrilling descents in the water until returning to the starting point. Breathtaking!

luoghi avventurosi
Body rafting in the Alcantara Gorges (Credits:

Mountain biking around Nebrodi and Madonie Mountains

Mountains can be rugged and treacherous, and only the most indomitable will not be afraid to face them…pedaling! One of the made-in-Sicily adventures suitable for those who are well-trained enough is the mountain bike tour (even with pedal assist!) between the Nebrodi and Madonie Mountains. You will find yourself facing wild trails among unspoiled nature and in the moments of pause all you have to do is take a big breath, have a sip of water and admire the unique panorama. Immense.

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Mountain Bike in the mountains (Credits:

Trekking on Mount Etna

Etna, majestic and imposing, is one of the symbols of Sicily and therefore captures the curiosity of all visitors. You can appreciate it with a nice walk in the Park of the same name or leave the classic tourist routes and trek in more inaccessible areas. Through these adventurous places one can observe lava flows, from the oldest to the most recent flows, discover uncrowded routes, observe the coast on the horizon and walk the Valle del Bove, the largest caldera of this volcano. Generally you move around accompanied by guides so you can also learn about the history of this destination, visit a lava cave and go as far as admiring the crater to the southeast. Why this crater in particular? Because it is the most active area of Etna! Explosive.

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Trekking on Mount Etna (Credits:

Paragliding in Cefalù

Flying has always been one of the desires of human beings. And although mother nature did not endow us with wings to wander among the clouds…there is still a way to experience the thrill of being caressed by the wind by taking your feet off the ground. Those who are not afraid of heights cannot miss the opportunity to fly over beautiful Cefalù by paraglider. You ‘take off’ together with an instructor and then…feel your pulse soar and enjoy the show. The blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea will illuminate your gaze. Key word? Lightness.

Paragliding in Cefalù (Credits:

Climbing on the trees in Petralia Sottana

Last among the adventurous places in Sicily is the Adventure Park in the Madonie Mountains. If you want to spend a day in the company of the whole family (including children!), it is worth going climbing in the trees, playing among the ziplines and testing your acrobatic skills. In addition, environmental education workshops are available for children to educate them from an early age about respecting our planet. Have fun!

adventurous places
Adventure Park at Petralia Sottana (Credits:
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