Giovanni Anzaldo, from the beginnings to the emotions of cinema with Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo

Giovanni Anzaldo

Giovanni Anzaldo is an Italian actor, in his life there are theatre, cinema and TV. After three years of training at the Teatro Stabile in Turin, he collects several experiences that lead him to be one the mai characters of some important films such as ‘Il capitale umano’ and ‘Non è un paese per giovani’. Today he is one of the protagonists of ‘Il grande giorno’ with Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo. Sicilian Secrets interviewed him.

Q: When did you realize that you would have been an actor?

A: I understood it when I was in elementary school, curiosity was born there. Specifically it happened after a play, like all children when you’re the center of attention you seek approval and compliments. It is something that is inherent in the actor! It is a passion that has continued, during the third year of high school I took a first course in acting and there I met a former student of the Turin Stabile. After high school I was lucky enough to be admitted to that very school and when you are there for three years, 8 hours a day, you experience a professional dimension and you understand if acting is what you want to do or not.

Giovanni Anzaldo
Giovanni Anzaldo (Credits: Piergiorgio Pirrone)

Q: Many experiences in the cinema, theater, TV and many awards brought home. What is today the professional experience that you remember with more pleasure or that has left you with something particular?

A: The first one is always unforgettable. If you’re lucky and it’s okay, you carry it in your heart as a first love. I took part in the tour of ‘Roman e il suo cucciolo’, a show by Alessandro Gassman, immediately after leaving the building and thanks to this role I won the Ubu Prize. The success was such that it was even made into a film entitled ‘Razzabastarda’ with the same cast.
Obviously I can’t fail to mention ‘Il capitale umano’, by Paolo Virzì, which is not only a beautiful film but has brought me luck, giving me the opportunity to take part in other interesting projects. And finally ‘Non è un paese per giovani’ by Giovanni Veronesi, and obviously the last one, ‘Il grande giorno’.

Giovanni Anzaldo (Credits: Mario Cartelli)

Q: We’re talking about ‘Il grande giorno’, a film with Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo directed by Massimo Venier. You are at the cinema in these weeks and the name of Giovanni Anzaldo is among the protagonists. What can you tell us about this experience?

A: I have an anecdote starting from the casting, as my agent had sent me the information for the part but I hadn’t received it. When he told me…the deadline was only two hours away! In a few minutes I recorded my self-tape and after a few weeks the director wanted to meet me in Milan. Together with the co-star actress we acted out the scenes with the script in hand and immediately we had the confirmation that we were the ‘right ones’… and we immediately celebrated with a beer! Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo represent three legends from my childhood and being part of one of their films has allowed the child in me to find immense gratification.

Q: Is there any particularly curious moment lived on the set?

A: On the set it was crazy, I was very excited at the idea of meeting Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo. They are three wonderful people of great integrity who remained children at heart. I had the dressing room opposite them, one day Giacomo came to me and began to tell me about the trio, their beginnings… Then Giovanni arrived, and then Aldo again and we started talking and joking. I was hallucinating, it was a wonderful thing. It was always like this, a serene atmosphere. From a logistical point of view it was a difficult film, with so many locations and movements… all compensated by this spirit that was breathed every day.

Giovanni Anzaldo, ‘Il grande giorno’

Q: In the curriculum vitae of Giovanni Anzaldo we also read ‘director’. How does it feel to be behind the camera compared to when you’re acting?

A: The actor is the executor of what someone else has written and thought, directing instead gives you a sense of omnipotence. You are in charge of what you are doing, and in my short experience I have to say that you feel more creative and it is a good feeling. Not only exposing yourself as an actor is inspiring!

Q: Is there a role, a character or perhaps the protagonist of a famous film that you would like to play?

A: I like troubled characters like the protagonist of Jacques Audiard’s ‘The Prophet’, or I’d like to make a film like ‘The Spanish Apartment’ directed by Cédric Klapisch.

Giovanni Anzaldo
Giovanni Anzaldo

Q: Before saying goodbye, just a curiosity about your private life. Your parents are Sicilian, have you ever visited Sicily?

A: Yes, I was there many times! My father is from Messina, my mother is from Catania… I love this city. This summer I have also been to Palermo, Favignana, Trapani and Marsala. And then I also visited Castelbuono during the Ypsigrock Festival in August.

Q: Looking ahead, do you have any upcoming projects you can announce?

A: Soon I will be shooting a series by The Jackal in Naples, while between April and May my second novel published by Solferino will be released. It’s a love story with a healthy dose of cynicism! Furthermore, I will be at the theater with the show ‘Straight’, a comedy that will lead the viewer to question what they are willing to do to go beyond what they really are.

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