5 curiosities about Enna and surroundings

curiosità su EnnaEnna is a place in Sicily that can surprise. It is the only province of Sicily not by the sea, the city is the highest capital in Italy, there are municipalities where unusual Celtic dialects are spoken… and much more! Let’s discover 5 curiosities about Enna and surroundings with Sicilian Secrets. Are you ready to live a new adventure?

If in Sicily you hear about a place called Castrogiovanni, it is Enna. This is, in fact, the ancient name of the city, a city that the Romans did not hesitate to define as ‘urbs inexpugnabilis‘ thanks to its position that made it difficult to conquer. Today there are those who also define it as ‘the navel of Sicily‘ because of its central position, it dominates the heart of the island. Strong, imposing. If you want to know 10 wonders to see in this area, take inspiration from this article (HERE)…and if you want to discover some more gems, read on. Here are 5 curiosities about Enna that will leave you speechless.

1. Viewpoint of Sicily

The views of Enna are breathtaking. Its altitude makes it the ‘viewpoint of Sicily’, a natural view of the countryside with echoes of some ancient cultures. The city is made up of two parts, ‘Enna Alta’, where the historic center is located, and ‘Enna Bassa’, i.e. the modern districts. The ancient area recounts the testimonies of dominations such as the Greek one, not to mention that along Via Roma – the main axis – all the five main squares of Enna are crossed in one fell swoop.

curiosità su Enna
Enna Alta

2. People speak Lombard dialect

Among the curiosities about Enna, there is one that concerns the municipality of Sperlinga. It is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, but what makes it truly special is the dialect that the locals speak. It is a Gallo-Italic dialect, a remnant of the Lombard populations who lived there. We are in fact in the so-called Lombard Sicily, and the medieval heritage is exalted! Don’t miss the Sperlinga Castle, a rare example of a rock castle, partly dug into the rock and probably dating back to the period prior to the pre-Greek Sicels (12th-8th century BC), partly built on the same rock, around 1080.

curiosità su Enna
Sperlinga Castle

3. The Venus of Morgantina

There are those who identify her with the goddess Venus, for most she is simply the Goddess of Morgantina. This statue was found during clandestine excavation and appears to come from a sanctuary that no longer exists near the archaeological site of Morgantina, in the province of Enna. Today this work of art is kept in the archaeological museum of Aidone, finally in Italy (and in Sicily!) after years of litigation with the United States. Its charm lies not only in the mystery that surrounds it but also in the workmanship, with attention to the smallest details even on the back. The author? Who knows! We know that it was carved in the 5th century BC. on the island by a disciple of Phidias…may the beauty of the legend win!

curiosities about Enna
The Venus of Morgantina

4. Polenta made in Enna

A curiosity about Enna and its surroundings concerns the cuisine. Once again we come across something that brings back the flavors of Lombardy, let’s taste polenta. The Frascatula of Enna is a polenta made with vegetables (generally broccoli) and bacon that is widespread not only in the main city but also in the neighboring villages where it is prepared by replacing the broccoli with cauliflower or wild fennel. Traditionally, the frascatula should be prepared with Timilia flour, a wholemeal durum wheat flour, but in the area of Leonforte, they use the flour derived from the typical Fava Larga (fava bean) di Leonforte.

curiosities about Enna
Frascatula of Enna (Credits: siciliafan.it)

5. Formula 1 in Sicily

Formula 1 made a stop in Sicily and more precisely at the Pergusa racetrack, in the province of Enna. The circuit hosted the Formula 1 Mediterranean Grand Prix from 1962 to 1965 (races not valid for the world championship), then Formula 2 and Formula 3000. Among the winners there are some famous pilots such as Felipe Massa, Luca Badoer, Juan Pablo Montoya and David Coulthard.

curiosities about Enna
Pergusa racetrack (Credits: vivienna.it)
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