Simposio d’arte e laboratorio ‘Cefalù Città degli artisti’: the beauty of the 9th edition

Simposio d’arte e laboratorioOnce again Cefalù welcomes beauty and dresses up in art. Art in all forms, the maximum expression of creativity. And so, even the 9th edition of the Simposio d’arte e laboratorio Cefalù Città degli artisti’ colored the streets of the city center for an entire weekend. Culture was the protagonist, an open-air laboratory to appreciate all the charm of this Sicilian village through new points of view.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

–  A. Einstein

Artwork by Floriana Gammino (Credits: Gaia Guarino)

Cefalù is undoubtedly one of the best known villages in Sicily. Its Cathedral, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site for several years now, is a magnet for thousands of tourists. Not least are the crystalline sea and the majestic rock on which the temple of Diana stands, yet the month of August lights up – for almost a decade now – with something more. The Simposio d’arte e laboratorio ‘Cefalù Città degli artisti’, conceived by Roberto Giacchino, lights up the main street of the town for an entire weekend, giving a different light to its timeless charm. Painting, sculpture, pyrography, photography, crafts, live performance … this is the magic recipe that determined the success of the event again this year.

Simposio d’arte e laboratorio
Opening (Credits: Gaia Guarino)

The artistic direction was entrusted to Professor Rosalba Gallà, and with the patronage of the Municipality of Cefalù and the support of numerous sponsors, it was possible to re-propose an event capable of involving not only the village but also local and foreign visitors, who had the opportunity to stop and admire the work of the artists, to chat with them and to discover many little curiosities about the wonderful world of creativity.

Simposio d’arte e laboratorio
Artist at work (Credits: Gaia Guarino)

Hey kids!

Passion for art is often discovered at an early age, and it is no coincidence, therefore, that Simposio d’Arte e laboratorio has also given space to children. The youngest participant is just four years old! The little ones told about reality through their works, getting involved alongside adults and showing off all their precious talent.

Simposio d’arte e laboratorio
The fans painted by Loredana Lauria (Credits: Gaia Guarino)

The tribute to Letizia Battaglia

Simposio d’arte e laboratorio also paid tribute to Letizia Battaglia. To do so was the Swiss Barbara Hennig Marques. With his ‘In Memoriam Letizia’, the artist transformed her body into a canvas where everyone had the chance to leave a message or draw a symbol that could precisely remember the unforgettable Sicilian photographer, who with his shots told of the violence and the blood shed by the mafia. A performance that ended with an immersion in the sea, a sort of ‘purification’ with which to wash away – but not entirely – the sign of suffering, of the assault. A literally cathartic moment accompanied by the dance steps of the dancer Sophie Perry. Of what unknown hands have represented, only a trace remains, and a key message which is the basis of the whole event: that art is for everyone.

Barbara Hennig Marques (Credits: Gaia Guarino)
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