5 summer specialties to taste the essence of Sicily

5 specialità estiveVisiting Sicily in summer means experiencing many shades of the island, from blue of the sea to green of nature, passing through gold of the sun and gray of the mountains. Yet, in addition to all this, there is the tastiest side of this region: food! There are so many things to taste…which ones? Here are 5 summer specialties not to be missed. Let’s find out together on Sicilian Secrets!

Welcome to Sicily! Where does your tour start from? It doesn’t matter: whether your first stop is Palermo, Catania, Syracuse or any other city, you are always in the right place to taste the quality of the island. There is so much to choose from, so it’s best to start with these 5 summer specialties that will make you lick your chops.

‘Ammuttunate’ aubergines

Our made in Sicily menu begins with a great classic of local cuisine, namely ‘ammuttunate’ (stuffed) aubergines. Like many aubergine-based dishes, it finds its maximum expression in the warmer months, since to make this recipe, you need small aubergines that can only be found in summer. Before cooking them, they are stuffed by making incisions on the surface, tomato sauce, onion and a few basil leaves are needed for the sauce and then mint, garlic and cheese for the inside. Last step: the aubergines must be fried! Enjoy your meal.

5 summer specialities
Ammuttunate aubergines (Credits: cuochemabuone.it)

Pasta with tenerumi

Have you ever eaten soup in August? Why not! Pasta with tenerumi is a dish that originates in Palermo but is now quite widespread throughout Sicily. It is very simple to prepare: the main ingredient are the tender leaves (the tenerumi, in fact) of long courgettes, a vegetable that is hardly found in other parts of Italy. Just add some sautéed peeled tomato, a drizzle of oil and of course the pasta. The ideal type is short cut spaghetti. Once ready, it is best to let it cool…the broth can be hot in a ‘surprising’ way!

5 summer specialities
Pasta with tenerumi (Credits: ragusanews.com)

Slush and brioche

During a sultry day, try ‘Sicilian’ breakfast with slush and brioche. To be precise, taste the so-called brioche COL TUPPO. And so, among the 5 summer specialties, there is the slush that can be found in any bar and in many flavors: lemon, mulberry (one of the most traditional), almond, coffee and so on. The fresh side mixes with the softness of the brioche, prepared with yeasted egg dough. A combination that teases the palate with which, if necessary, also have a snack. For some whim, it’s always the right time!

5 summer specialities
Slush and brioche (Credits: ciboeleggende.it)

Pantelleria salad

Do you want a fresh lunch that you can also eat on the beach? The Pantelleria salad, typical of the island of Pantelleria, is a ‘Mediterranean poem’. The heart of the dish are boiled potatoes and cherry tomatoes, all accompanied by red onions, oregano and olives. The extra note is the capers, the essence of this place and the pride of this territory. To dress, all you need is olive oil and a sprinkling of salt. This is what it means to travel…tasty!

Pantelleria salad (Credits: ilclubdellericette.it)

White figs of Sicily

To conclude our itinerary of flavors and aromas of the island, we have to include the white figs of Sicily among our 5 summer specialties. Nature gives us its spontaneous gift, a very sweet fruit that was imported to the Mediterranean islands by the Phoenicians. Be careful, after eating one them, it is difficult to stop! In addition, the jam made with this Sicilian excellence is also worth trying. To keep the freshness as much as possible, the figs are candied slowly…in the end, take a slice of freshly baked bread and spread it with authentic Sicilianity.

White figs of Sicily (Credits: siciliafan.it)
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