Giorgia Cipolla: dreams, theater and Sicily

Giorgia CipollaGiorgia Cipolla was born in Palermo in 1989 and started studying acting when she was still attending high school. She studied at Circolo Culturale Classico, then at Scuola del Teatès. In 2012 she graduated from the Drama School of Teatro Stabile in Turin and during her career, she met several directors such as Aurelio Gatti, Emma Dante, Gabriele Vacis and many others. She also studied singing at the European Jazz Music School at The Brass Group in Palermo. Sicilian Secrets interviewed her.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to become an actress? 

A: It’s as if I’ve always known it, as if I’ve rediscovered myself. However, in particular, I remember a moment in which I felt a strong emotion in being behind the scenes, very close to the stage of the theater. It was my first show, and it happened before I went on stage. There, I said to myself ‘I want to do this for the rest of my life!’.

Q: What did you study? 

A: I started studying in Palermo, at Circolo Culturale Classico, then at Scuola del Teatès directed by Michele Perriera. Then I attended the Drama School of Teatro Stabile in Turin. I also took part in several workshops with directors and actors. I remember that at the very beginning I was shivering and had no control over my body. Now it’s nice to look back and see the progress I made. I am amazed to see how my dream has come true and give enough space to the whole inner world that was previously hidden, but which knew it wanted to make room for itself… It was just waiting for the best moment to blossom.

Giorgia Cipolla
Giorgia Cipolla

Q: Among the projects you took part in, which one has a special place in your heart? 

A: More than one. Perhaps what I most care about is the project ‘Qualcuno che tace. Il teatro di Natalia Ginzburg’, directed by Leonardo Lidi and produced by the Teatro Stabile in Turin. It’s a trilogy based on the books of Natalia Ginzburg created for the hundredth anniversary of her birth. It was possible to breathe a high-quality theater and allow the audience to immerse themselves in this world.

Q: Giorgia Cipolla, you are Sicilian from Palermo. How much of your Sicilian nature do you bring on stage? 

A: I think a lot, more than I realize. In the end, Sicily is inside me and always accompanies me. Apart from the dialect, as well as the accent, I carry culture and education with me, in short, my past that is made up of passionate and rich human relationships. It is like a suitcase from which you can take what you need and when you need it.

Giorgia Cipolla

Q: Is there any theater in Sicily you would like to act in? 

A: The Greek Theater in Syracuse. If I think of Sicily and theater, that immediately comes to mind. I feel the emotion even standing in the audience, I feel shrouded in the colors of the sunset, as well as in the strength and energy that come about and live on the stone.

Q: ‘Giorgia Cipolla in …’. What’s the character you would like to play? 

A: I am quite satisfied with the characters I have already played. They have allowed me, along my entire career, to discover and develop my skills and qualities, as well as to understand my limits and thus allow me to work on them. Furthermore, I often play more than one character within the same show, so I have the opportunity to play with different ‘personalities’. I enjoy it a lot!

Giorgia Cipolla

Q: Let’s look at the future: what are your next projects? What are your professional dreams that you hope to make true?

A: Over the years, I also graduated in psychology and drama therapy to combine both paths. In addition to work as an actress, I want to make the theater shine as a tool for personal and social growth, as in the case of people with special needs. Regarding my professional dreams, I have more than one! I’d like to have the chance to be part of the cast of a movie, and who knows, be nominated for an Oscar next year hahaha! Now we will work to reach even this goal!

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