Giulia Vecchio: a story through TV, theater and Sicily

Giulia Vecchio

TV, theater and a lot of energy. Giulia Vecchio is one of the stars of ‘Il Paradiso delle Signore – daily’ in the role of Anna Imbriani, but she has an incredible comic spirit too. She brings her talent to the stage in the show ‘Contenuti Zero’. Sicilian Secrets interviewed her.

Q: How did you start your career as an actress?

A: Everything started in Brindisi, my hometown. I started doing some acting class and during the last year of high school I realized that I liked acting. So, I auditioned to be admitted to the Accademia del Piccolo Teatro in Milan, they chose me, so I had the opportunity to turn passion into a job.

Giulia Vecchio
Giulia Vecchio

Q: We recently saw you in ‘Blanca’ on Rai 1 and of course, every day in ‘Il Paradiso delle Signore – daily’ on Rai 1 too. What can you tell about these two experiences?

A: ‘Blanca’ was a good project because it gave me the opportunity to dare, to go beyond. We have to say thanks to the director, for an actor it is stimulating to be on a set like this. Furthermore, I was happy to have met Giuseppe Zeno again with whom I had already worked in ‘Il Paradiso delle Signore’, and to have worked with the talented Maria Chiara Giannetta. Regarding ‘Il Paradiso delle Signore – daily’, I put on Anna Imbriani’s shoes again, but it was not obvious to find such a close-knit group even this time. When we shot the episodes of the first season, we were all young and not very famous, but even today the energy is the same. Alessandro Tersigni is a very nice guy and when those who play the main roles keep a positive behavior, it is an advantage for everyone.

Q: In ‘Il Paradiso delle Signore – daily’ your character, Anna, falls in love with a Sicilian guy. Has Giulia Vecchio ever been to Sicily?

A: I’ve been to Sicily many times, since when I was at high school. It is a land that I love, and my ‘real’ boyfriend is Sicilian too! When you go away you feel ‘nostalgia for Sicily’, like when you leave all places full of contrasts. They leave something in your soul. People are warm and incredibly friendly.

Giulia Vecchio
Giulia Vecchio

Q: What are the places on the island that you love?

A: There are places that I keep in my heart such as the Valley of the Temples, Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve and more. Sicily has it all. The Pools of Venus in Capo Milazzo are a sort of Eden. The ‘problem’ of Sicily is that it gives you some unforgettable sensations and scents.

Q: Let’s take a look at Giulia Vecchio’s album of memories, is there a moment you lived in Sicily that you want to share?

A: During the first lockdown in 2020, I spent 5 months in Sicily. My boyfriend is from Caltanissetta, we were in the countryside breathing the air of the spring months. We ‘breathed’ the sun that has its own scent. I was caught by this charm that I cannot forget. Moreover, it happened that I spent a Christmas day in Castelbuono, simply wow. I want to tell you an anecdote: I had not yet returned to work at ‘Il Paradiso delle Signore – daily’, but while I was there in town, I remembered that Teresa (the character played by Giusy Buscemi in the first season of ‘Il Paradiso delle Signore’ was from that village. After not too long, they contacted me to be part of the cast of the series!

Q: Let’s look beyond: are there any professional plans and wishes in the pipeline?

A: I am focused on the show ‘Contenuti Zero’. It is a variety show, a genre that has recently been lost, and it makes me proud to share the stage with some actors that I respect. This is a project that will go on in the upcoming months and I dream to turn it into a TV show. I enjoy writing something new where I can have my authorship. It allows me to bring out a part of myself with humor. In addition, I would like to tell stories that I believe in and that adhere to the reason for choosing to be an actor, that is, to give the audience a different point of view and narrations in which to find themselves.

Giulia Vecchio took us on a journey though the world of TV, theater and her memories of Sicily. Sicilian Secrets always tells you about some new stories through the blog. And if you wish to stay updated about our news and read our next articles, follow us on Sicilian Secrets’ Facebook page and Instagram.

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