Southern Italy, 7 experiences for your bucket list

Southern ItalyWelcome to Southern Italy! Italians say ‘Benvenuti al Sud’, when you hear these words…feel happy. It means that you are in a nice place, there’s a lot to see and explore, you can relax and discover something new and maybe unexpected. From Naples to Matera, from Apulia to Sicily, take note of Sicilian Secrets’ tips. Are you ready to enjoy your next holiday with us?

Southern Italy is full of gems. Some of them are famous and well known, some others are hidden. It takes time to unveil the most mysterious side of beauty, do it on vacation! Sicilian Secrets organizes many tour that takes you to the most spectacular places in Sicily and beyond. If you want, write down your to do list with us. Here are 7 ‘wonders’ and experiences you have to try AT LEAST ONCE IN A LIFETIME. Let’s go!

1 – Get lost in the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento

This is one of the most suggestive spots in Sicily where you can travel back in time. The Valley of the Temples is the evidence that eternity exists: it looks almost enchanted, especially in spring, when almond trees bloom. This site is an example of the Greek architecture in Sicily, it’s the best place to plunge into the ancient and classical culture of the island. As the name suggests, there are several temples you can see, they are dedicated to some Gods and Goddesses but for sure, the most important and well preserved is the Temple of Concordia that dates back to the 5th century.

Southern Italy
The Valley of the Temples

2 – Etna, live your adventure

Etna is the highest volcano in Europe and is close to one of the main Sicilian cities, Catania. If you want to live a true adventure in Southern Italy, don’t miss this opportunity: organize an amazing excursion (don’t forget the proper equipment!) and climb the mountain. The landscape around is breathtaking, you will feel like walking on the Moon. From the top, the view is unforgettable…you can see up to Taormina, the Aeolian Islands and the coast of Calabria. And if you want more, do it at sunset and take a picture, of course.

Southern Italy

3 – Taste street food in Palermo

Whoever visit Southern Italy – and Sicily above all – know that food is more than tradition, it’s a masterpiece! And if you go to Palermo, you MUST taste street food. Panelle, pani ca’ meusa, arancine, and more…have you ever heard about them? Maybe you saw them in some pictures, but your palate deserves more. So, enjoy your walk in the city center, ask for the main markets such as Vucciria and Ballarò and jump into the pleasure of Sicilian delicacies. In this case, gluttony is not a sin!

Street food im Palermo (Credits:

4 – Sail around, jump into the blue of the Aegadian Islands

September is still a good period to enjoy the sea and the islands. So, why don’t you book a relaxing sailing cruise to the Aegadian Islands? Let the sun and the waves caress your skin, forget about problems and whatever annoys you: feel FREE. Favignana aka ‘the butterfly’, Marettimo and Levanzo are three pearls of the Mediterranean. Do you know that, according to the legend, Ulysses stopped here? Be part of the legend with Dimensione Sicilia.

Southern Italy
The Aegadian Islands

Goodbye Sicily, let’s travel to Capri, Matera and Alberobello!

5 – Drink a coffee in Capri

Capri is a jewel! This island is pretty close to Naples and is known for being the land of lifestyle, the land where Dolce Vita comes true. One of the experiences you cannot miss is to have an espresso (so Italian!) in the main square aka the Piazzetta. Take a sit in a bar, taste your cup of coffee and enjoy the spirit of the Italian way of life.


6 – Matera, the WoW effect of Southern Italy

Everybody knows Matera. It was the European Capital of Culture in 2019 and some years ago, Mel Gibson chose it to shoot his movie ‘The Passion of the Christ’ (2004). The ancient part of the city is famous the so-called Sassi where houses, caves and rocks coexist and create a sort of natural labyrinth. It’s incredibly fascinating and if you go there in winter, it maybe snowy…you will feel like part of the Nativity.


7 – Alberobello, are you curious about Trulli?

If you want to live a day like in a fairy tale, put Alberobello (Apulia) into your bucket list. Why? Because in this city you can see something unique, do you know what ‘Trulli’ are?
They are some typical dry-stone huts with a conical roof, and if you are wondering about the origin of their design, well…once you get there, be ready to hear many different theories. During your walk, pay attention to the symbols painted on the top: most of them are Christian symbols such as the cross, a cross on a heart pierced by an arrow, a circle divided into four quarters with the letters S, C, S, D that maybe stands for Sanctus Christus and Sanctus Dominus, and a few others. They are an appreciated tourist attraction and are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Trulli – Alberobello
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Cover photo – Credits: Luca Parmitano x ESA/NASA


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