Martina Sambucini, a fairy tale called Miss Italia

Martina Sambucini

A real beauty of the new millennium. Martina Sambucini was born in 2001 and, since December, has been wearing the crown of the most prestigious beauty pageant in our country. She won Miss Italia in a very difficult year for the entire world, so even the selections to get to the final have been completely revolutionized. Starting from Miss Roma, this girl who comes from Lazio, finally got the winning sash. Sicilian Secrets interviewed her.

Q: Let’s start from the beginning of this story, how did the idea to take part in Miss Italia come about?

A: Although for a couple of years some friends have encouraged me to participate, I have to say that this beauty pageant was something that I wasn’t ready to face and honestly, I was not so interested. But, inside me, there was like a little voice that actually knew that sooner or later I would have tried. And in fact, at the end of June 2020, after I received the diploma, in August I started the selections for Miss Italia, that, moreover, would have taken place right in Lazio. I convinced myself to join the casting and it went well.

Martina Sambucini
Martina Sambucini – Credits: Pino Leone

Q: In a special year like 2020, how did the contest take place? Usually, it includes events all around Italy and engages many people…

A: Immediately after the provincial selections, in September there was the election of Miss Roma, and I won. However, in autumn, due to the increase in infections from Covid-19, the competition was interrupted. We were told to be ready for 2021, but between November and December, I was called back, and we were told that the final phase would have taken place in Rome and the regional selections online.

Q: Martina Sambucini after Miss Italia, how has your life changed?

A: Surely, because of the current situation, my life as Miss Italia is less crazy than the one of the girls who won in previous editions.Sometimes it makes me sad, but the people who work with me told me that maybe it’s not so bad! I can do less but better. Recently, for example, I started an advertising campaign for Talco, I took part in an audition for a film, and I also worked as a co-host of a TV program dedicated to ports… I’m unstoppable.Fashion has always interested me. I would like to become and actress, but I have never studied acting, for this reason, I would like to invest time as a Miss in the best way.

Martina Sambucini
Credits: Daniele La Malfa

Q: You mentioned your role as co-host on a TV show, what can you tell us about this experience?

A: This is a show that will be broadcast abroad and is dedicated to Italian and international ports. We will interview not only the port authorities but also those who work in this industry, the local people. We will talk about the destinations, about the environment and it will be a way to try to re-launch tourism. This experience brought me to Sicily, in particular to Catania, Palermo and Noto, where I found a truly wonderful warm welcome.

Q: So, let’s talk about your trip to Sicily. What did you like?

A: Since it was a business trip, I have seen just a few places, so I would like to return to the island and visit Palermo and the cathedral again. I would also like to find out more about the Baroque in Noto, and be delighted again by the Sicilian cuisine, from street food to arancine, from cannoli to my beloved almond desserts.

Credits: Maurizio D’Avanzo

Q: What’s the moment of your stay in Sicily that you will never forget?

A: Definitely the day I arrived. Etna had just begun to erupt, a spectacle never seen before. I confess that while the others seemed worried, on the contrary I was thrilled. When we drove from Catania to Palermo, along the road it was as if it were hailing, instead it was the ash of the volcano.

Q: Let’s look at the future, what’s the wish of Martina Sambucini?

A: Regarding Miss Italia, I would like the contest to restart in the normal way. When it happens, I already know that I will be on the other side, perhaps part of the jury, and it will be nice to see the excitement of future aspiring Misses. I did not experience the atmosphere of the selections, I would like the fear of getting closer to people would pass and I’d like to organize a party in my city, in Frascati, with the people who follow me to celebrate my victory.

Credits: Pino Leone

Q: And in the end, give some advice to all girls who dream to become Miss Italia.

A: My advice is only one: enjoy Miss Italy for what it is, without thinking to be better or worse than other girls. I have seen some competitors who arrived smiling and full of energies and left in tears. You need to bring a beautiful memory of this adventure, even a single selection makes you mature. It is not a competition to elect the most beautiful of all, it is about personal tastes and even if you do not win it does not mean that you are less than someone else. It is an opportunity you have to live 100%, we meet many people. Personally, I learned to dialogue more and to interact with other people, in a word…I grew up.

With Martina Sambucini we did a tour in the charming world of Miss Italia. Sicilian Secrets always tells you some new stories through its blog. And if you wish to stay updated about our news and read our next articles, follow us on Sicilian Secrets’ Facebook page and Instagram.

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