Deborah Iurato, feelings and music from Sicily

In 2014 Deborah Iurato, a Sicilian singer, wins the thirteenth edition of the talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi and lifts the trophy. In the same period, she debuts with her first EP and takes part in the concerts of Fiorella Mannoia in Taormina, Palermo and Gela and sings with Alessandra Amoroso in Catanzaro. During these years, there was a lot of music in her life: for example, she was at Festival di Sanremo, in 2016, and duetted with Giovanni Caccamo. Nowadays, Deborah is on air again with her new single ‘Voglia di gridare’ and Sicilian Secrets interviewed her.

I never want to stop to seek happiness because I find it every day in everything I do and in the people around me. Telling something that belongs to me and giving it to the people who listen to it is always special!

Deborah Iurato
Deborah Iurato

Q: Deborah Iurato, a new single and a new path. How did this project come about?

A: This new art project came about during the lockdown. In April, ‘Supereroi’ was released, it was an introduction to this musical journey. In July it was the turn of ‘Ma cosa vuoi’, a song that I wrote. ‘Voglia di gridare’ (listen to the song, HERE) tells my photographic memory, what I remember of the beautiful moments in Sicily. It comes after summer when I had just left home, I wanted to bring out something that belonged to me, the sea that evokes my land, my family, my friends. I wanted to express the happiness and lightheartedness of those days.

Q: The pandemic is changing our normality, how is it affecting your life as an artist?

A: It is a situation that is becoming seriously tough, I miss performing. Live shows are a way to stay in touch with people, it is an occasion in which you know that you meet your fans, sing with them, experience collective hugs and emotions. This is a weird period, but at least we can enjoy time with social media that still allow us to keep in touch, to communicate with those who are far away. It’s not the same, but we have a way to feel closer.

Deborah Iurato
Deborah Iurato

Q: Thinking about a post-pandemic tour, where would you like to organize the first live performance?

A: I would like to be in Sicily, of course. Then I would like to organize a Deborah Iurato Live from north to south, with all those who support me to see them in presence again. Regardless of a tour, in the future I would like to be able to ‘close the circle’, so I dream to release an album with my new songs.

D: How would you describe the relationship with your land, Sicily?

A: I have a deep love for Sicily, Ragusa is my city and I always try to remember it during the day, and with it all dear ones who live there. Sicily is part of me, this summer I discovered some parts of the island that I had never seen before and I was amazed by the beauty of those places. And then there is the warmth of home, I will never stop thanking people who love me.

Deborah Iurato

D: Let’s talk about music. Deborah Iurato and … tell us a singer you dream to duet with!

A: I consider myself a lucky girl because in recent years I have met so many wonderful artists and I have duetted with them. In this period, I’ve been listening to Aiello a lot, I appreciate his sound and his way of writing. And then there is a singer who wrote me two songs and whom I adore: Fiorella Mannoia.

Deborah Iurato wins Amici – Credits:

Q: From the talent show Amici to Sanremo and today another change. How do you explain this evolution?

A: Music is sharing, it is personal, it is union. To be admitted to the school of Amici was not easy, I did several auditions but when you have a goal you have to do everything you can to achieve it. Obstacles will always be there and must be overcome, you can succeed if you believe in what you do. Now I feel an adult, in recent years I have become aware of who I am. Before, I didn’t like my body, for example. I used to see only my flaws, but I still faced everything with a smile and tenacity. Now it is the time of awareness, I feel a proud and happy woman with what I have achieved. My passion is my job.

Q: Last question, maybe the most personal. What is your professional dream for tomorrow?

 A: I would like to come back to Sanremo, on the stage of the Ariston Theater. I would like to try that experience again, but I will do it when I am ready and with a song written by me.

Deborah Iurato
Deborah Iurato and Giovanni Caccamo, Sanremo (2016) – Credits: ANSA/Claudio Onorati
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