Fashion and Sicily, wear your inspiration

Fashion and Sicily, two words that many times, together, created something special and unique. From haute couture to local designers, this magical island inspired fashion artists who turned simple fabrics into masterpieces. Let’s discover more on Sicilian Secrets.

What do you think if we say fashion and Sicily? Maybe you are now dreaming about colors, peculiar details coming from Sicilian traditions, lace. Well, it’s more and more. Creativity is a driver that pushes people to make incredible things, Sicily was and still is an inspiration for many artists. Fashion designers from all over the world cannot avoid using this island as a starting point to grab their pencil and draw something that will become a beautiful dress or a bunch of cool accessories.

Fashion and Sicily
Dolce & Gabbana

Everybody knows maybe the most famous ambassadors of Sicilian fashion, we are talking about Dolce & Gabbana, of course. Culture and traditions become part of their creations; they were able to turn a cassata – a typical Sicilian cake – into a wonderful dress! Moreover, they always ‘steal’ some characteristics to elaborate them and enrich their items. Sicilian carts, for example, are used to imagine long and colorful skirts, black lace is a romantic and sexy detail. Jewels and accessories finish their fancy and sometimes flashy looks. Don’t forget that Sicily has been also the perfect location for their fashion shows: Palermo and the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento just to mention a couple of remarkable landmarks. What else?

Fashion and Sicily
Dolce & Gabbana – Valley of the Temples (Agrigento)

Fashion and Sicily: local designers

Sicily is not an inspiration only for haute couture, above all Sicily is an inspiration for local designers. For those fashion artists who want to convey the soul of their homeland through their creations. Let’s know some of them!

Jessica D’Urso is a designer who founded the brand Jayjes and last summer signed a fantastic beachwear collection that perfectly describes her origins, a local story that she wants to tell because everything is ‘Made With Sicilian Love’! New trends, glamour and sex appeal mark bikinis, they become real!

Fashion and Sicily

Giuliana Di Franco is a jewelry design from the province of Enna and the essence of their products is in the most evocative symbols of Sicily. Thanks to a mix of creativity and technology, she makes some little sculptures that can be worn to show off the energy of this territory.

Giuliana Di Franco – Jewelry

Sicily and wedding, once upon a time

Fashion and Sicily means even wedding style! Many people often choose this enchanted island to celebrate their love, but even many fashion designers specialized in bridal gowns are inspired by the lines and the atmosphere of this place.

Nicola and Gilberto Guidi are the designers of Innocentia, Palermo is the background of their latest collection and their dresses perfectly describe the spirit of the city and more in general of the entire region. It’s the same for Morena Fanny Raimondo, the designer of MORE who mixes fashion and her roots in each creation. White is beautiful!


Xmas is coming, let’s support local fashion designers!

2020 was a tough year for many people, Christmas is coming so let’s support our fashion designers! They all are creating something exclusive for this period, buy locally and Sicilian.

«Sicily is part of a general inspiration that during these years I have always added to my collections», the designer of Fram La Plume says. She is from Alcamo – in the province of Trapani – and thanks to her brand and above all her Unica Collection, tells all shades of Sicilian traditions. Sicily can become part of the style of every woman. «I want to express my belonginess to this land, Unica Collection tells about a woman who looks for colors, traditions and flavors that best describe Sicily».

Fram La Plume – Unica Collection

Sicilian inspiration doesn’t mean only ‘vintage’ or ‘old style’, on the contrary it means modernity too. «Since it’s a difficult moment, I decided to invent something that can bring a piece of Sicily to all fashion lovers. So – she says – I created La Plume Box, a box with some handmade items such as a scarf, a foulard with a matched mask and a brooch». It’s an idea (and if you browse around you can find a lot of nice fashionable Xmas initiatives) to convince people to buy locally and help Sicilian artisans.

The joy of dressing Sicily is an art!


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