Art in Sicily: let’s visit Cefalù, the city of artists!

art in SicilyArt in Sicily goes beyond all difficulties. The current pandemic is creating some problems, but nothing can stop culture and passion. This is the spirit that characterizes the VII Simposio d’Arte e Laboratorio created by the sculptor Roberto Giacchino and organized in Cefalù. Welcome to the city of artists!

From September 4th to 13th, Cefalù becomes the city of artists and celebrates art in Sicily. Thanks to the idea of Roberto Giacchino – a local sculptor who created this event 7 years ago – in spite of the difficulties caused by Covid-19, the VII Simposio d’Arte e Laboratorio is taking place in Cefalù.

art in Sicily
Simposio d’Arte e Laboratorio / Cefalù

Strength and enthusiasm, here are the main ingredients that permeate this event. Many artists came from Sicily and Italy, it’s the energy of a big team that collaborates to develop a project in which they all believe, together. Art in Sicily means territory, not only Cefalù but even Madonie Regional Natural Park, Nebrodi Regional Natural Park and then the entire region.

art in Sicily
Roberto Giacchino

This Simposio has a specific goal, to enhance the value of all artists who are able to perfectly describe the beauty of the landscape, the nature, our traditions. Art is storytelling, talks about the past, the present, the future and uses shapes and colors to do this.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

– Edgar Degas

The meaning of Simposio d’Arte e Laboratorio in Cefalù

The Simposio d’Arte e Laboratorio represents one of the most important moments for Cefalù. Especially in a tough summer like the one of this year, an event like this means a lot for art in Sicily and culture in general: it’s a celebration that interests professionals and people who love art in all its forms: painting, sculpture, jewelry, fashion, etc.

Dorotea Cimino

In via XXV Novembre, the so-called ‘street of artist’, visitors can breathe a sort of magical atmosphere where it’s possible to see the artworks of the artists, buy some pieces, learn the secrets of craftsmanship and more. Moreover, at the Ottagono di Santa Caterina (Piazza del Duomo) it’s possible to visit an exhibition with some works of the artists from Simposio.

Luigi Occhipinti

Art is harmony, history, tradition: it’s a way to communicate and goes beyond any cultural diversity. Sicily is a melting pot of cultures and this Simposio is a meeting point of all of this, an opportunity to push towards solidarity, mutual help and talk a universal language: the beauty of art because as the artistic director of the event – Prof. Domenico Boscia – says, ‘Art must be CURTIGGHIARA’. Don’t ask me to translate this Sicilian word, it’s not easy…maybe ‘blabbermouth’ can give you an idea of what it means. Art is for all, talks to all and about all.

Domenico Boscia
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