Sunsets in Sicily, your emotional journey starts now

Sunsets in SicilyLight, emotions, memories. If you are organizing a trip to Sicily never forget to take note of the most beautiful sunsets in Sicily. Where? Basically everywhere, especially by the sea. There are some spots where you can take the perfect photo or simply enjoy the moment on your own or with people you love. Learn more on Sicilian Secrets!

This is an emotional journey to discover the most gorgeous sunsets in Sicily. Who said that sunset is only the end of the day? It is even the beginning of a new one: it’s romantic, melancholic, suggestive. Discover where you can live the best ones on the island.

From the top of Mount Etna

If you love hiking, you cannot avoid climbing Etna. It’s one of the most important natural attractions in Sicily and every year fascinates a lot of visitors. When you reach the top, sunset time will be unforgettable. The red sky above the volcano is the best way to celebrate your long walk. Silence and relax.

Sunsets in Sicily

Marsala saltpans

One of the most amazing sunsets in Sicily is the one you can enjoy in Marsala. When the sky ‘burns’, order a drink – in this town, wine is a masterpiece – and sit down. Windmills and salt: at the saltpans, water reflects light and it creates some magical effects as unique as a kaleidoscope.


Isola delle femmine

People from Palermo love this spot in Isola dell femmine but even tourists try not to miss it when they are in Sicily. The sun sets right behind the small island. The horizon changes colors and even the sea assumes a lot of different shades, sometimes you can see some sailboats or surfers who challenge the waves. If you are driving to or from the airport, take advantage of this romantic landscape.

Sunsets in Sicily
Isola delle femmine

From the lighthouse in Favignana

Sunsets in Sicily…and beyond. Aegadian Islands, the place to be and Favignana is a true gem. After a long day on the beach or sailing around or diving into the blue water, be ready for a magical view. The lighthouse on the coast at sunset time, can you imagine? It’s an emotion that will caress your heart.

Sunsets in Sicily

In front of Stromboli

An explosion of colors. This is how we can define the sunset in Stromboli. Aeolian Islands are one of the most charming places in Italy and when you visit Stromboli, you’ll be seduced by the natural show you can see at the end of the day. Twilight above the crater and some lapilli that illuminate the sky. Definitely more than fifty shades of red!


Cefalù, like in a movie

Have you ever lived a sunset…in a movie? If you want to jump into a film, go to Cefalù. At Largo degli Eroi del mare – also known as Piccola Marina or Moletto – you can easily recognize the spot where some scenes of Cinema Paradiso were filmed. When lights go down, wherever you look at, you can catch the emotions given by one of the most spectacular sunsets in Sicily. On one side you can glimpse the coast and the whole town, on the other side be enchanted by the infinite sea.

Sunsets in Sicily
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