Syracuse: how to spend a day around the city

In this surreal period, due to the health emergency that is affecting the world, we have been asked to stay home. So, since we cannot travel for a while (but we hope to restart soon!), we can travel using our imagination and planning our next trip. Where? In Sicily. Let’s discover together one of the main cities, Syracuse. Join Sicilian Secrets. Go!

Syracuse is a beautiful city in Sicily. Everybody knows it because of its incredible history and cultural heritage, this is the reason why it’s also one of the most important stops in the tours organized by Dimensione Sicilia. Here there’s a lot to do and a lot to see, especially in spring and summer…when outside it’s sunny and you can enjoy an amazing day around. Are you ready to explore Syracuse with us?


In the morning

First thing to do in the morning is…breakfast! If you are in Syracuse, bear in mind this advice: find a café and ask for almond granita and brioche. Don’t you trust me? Taste it! There are many nice places where you can take a sit and enjoy your meal, definitely suggested to go in the area close to the Cathedral so, once you have finished your breakfast, you can have a walk and visit this beautiful church, of course. The Duomo was built in the 7th century over the great Temple of Athena (5th century BC) and inside there’s a precious silver statue of St. Lucy by Pietro Rizzo (1599), she’s the patron saint of the city.

Duomo of Syracuse

After that, in the same square, don’t miss the Basilica of Santa Lucia Extra moenia, and the Church of Santa Lucia alla Badia where a painting by CaravaggioThe Burial of St. Lucy – is now housed.

The Burial of St. Lucy

Don’t stop exploring Ortygia and before your lunch break, go through the alleys, visit the small shops where you can buy some local products and, in the end, you will finally get to the so-called Fountain of Arethusa. According to a legend, the nymph Arethusa, who was hunted by Alpheus, took shelter there. This is a very peculiar fountain because it’s one of the few places in Europe where papyrus grows.

In the afternoon

No time to take a nap! In the afternoon, it’s time to visit the archaeological area of the city. The masterpiece of this zone is the Greek Theatre. It was built for the first time in the 5th century BC, rebuilt in the 3rd century BC and renovated again in the Roman period, nowadays it overlooks the modern city of Syracuse and is part of the Unesco World Heritage Site of Syracuse and the Rocky Necropolis of Pantalica.

Greek Theatre

Very close to the theater there’s also a very curious place: The Ear of Dionysius. It’s a limestone cave whose name is linked to the acoustic effects that happen inside the cave: it is told that people’s voices echo up to 16 times!

The Ear of Dionysius

In the evening

After you enjoyed the sunset by the sea, what can you do? Have dinner in a typical restaurant. Taste any Sicilian food you want. Choose a traditional restaurant and relax, plunge into this magical atmosphere. This is the beauty of Sicily!

A night in Syracuse
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