Trips for 2020, choose your next holiday

trips for 2020New Year’s is coming, and the countdown has started. How are you going to celebrate 2020? Whatever you want to do, don’t forget that this is just the beginning. A new year, a new decade…it’s time to plan some new trips for 2020. Next stop…Sicily and beyond!

Where do you want to go in the next months? For sure your bucket list is full of interesting destinations, why don’t you create your own roadmap? Come on, this is the best moment to think about some trips for 2020. Take a look at some offers by Dimensione Sicilia and Sicilian Secrets. Not only Sicily, but even more.

Sant’Agata Tour of Sicily

This is a very special tour (in 8 or 5 days) that gives you the chance to visit Sicily in February. It’s an opportunity to learn more about the traditional feast of Saint Agatha – the patron saint of Catania – and explore the most iconic spots on the island. If you are looking for a winter break, join us!

trips for 2020
Feast of Saint Agatha, Catania

Aegadian Islands

Summer, what a dream! Among your trips for 2020, you cannot miss a beach holiday. Dimensione Sicilia organizes a tour of Sicily and Aegadian Islands in 10 days. Are you ready to swim in the crystalline sea of Favignana? First departure is June 6th.

trips for 2020

Aeolian Islands

And if you are never tired of the islands, here is another option: tour of Sicily and Aeolian Islands in 9 days. We’ll visit together Lipari, Salina, Panarea and Stromboli, it’s going to be a deep immersion into the nature and the beauty of this Unesco World Heritage site. If don’t want to wait until summer, don’t worry: first departure is April 14th!

trips for 2020


Dimensione Sicilia doesn’t stop, so even this year you can go beyond Italian borders. Our tour of Sicily and Malta begins on March 24th and will take you to this amazing island in the Mediterranean. History and legends meet here, maybe this is the reason why it was chosen as a set for Game of Thrones. Enchanting landscapes for real travelers!


Southern Italy

Sicily is fantastic, but if you never went around Southern Italy, you have to do it. Thanks to Dimensione Sicilia, you can create your perfect travel experience. Your trips for 2020 are definitely these two: Tour of Sicily, Matera and Apulia in 9 days (first departure is March 24th) and Tour of Sicily with Amalfi Coast and Capri in 12 days (first departure is April 11th).

Amalfi Coast
We have many ideas for your Easter holiday, summer trips, short breaks and day excursions. Now it’s up to you, pick the one that best suits your needs. Come on…make a wish, it’s the New Year’s!

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