Stefania Bravi, a Milanese girl in Sicily

Stefania Bravi

A Milanese girl in Sicily. What are the expectations of any person who visits this island for the first time? We asked Stefania Bravi, 100% Milanese, influencer, to share her story with us. She founded her fashion blog in 2013, loves dancing and whatever concerns art and fashion. She’s interested in travelling and told her trips on her social pages. Read the interview on Sicilian Secrets’ blog.

When you come to the South, you cry twice: when you arrive and when you leave.

from the movie Benvenuti al Sud

Art, fashion, travels and in the last two years even a creative agency, Gylda Creative, based in Milan. Stefania Bravi is a popular influencer who collaborated with many fashion and lifestyle brands. She discovered Sicily when she was a child and wanted to tell us her story seen through the eyes of a true Milanese girl.

Stefania Bravi
Stefania Bravi

Q: When did you visit Sicily for the first time?

A: The first time I was in Sicily, I was just a little girl. I remember that I was fascinated by the eruption of Etna. Through the eyes of a child, everything seemed to be so magical and surreal. Then, in the latest years, one of the places I loved the most was San Vito Lo Capo, a precious oasis to relax in summer.

San Vito Lo Capo

Q: Stefania Bravi, 100% Milanese. What was the idea you had about Sicily before visiting this island?

A: To live and explore it confirmed what I had in mind. A lot of friendliness, carefreeness and a strong tradition that you can feel even when you walk down the streets. People are happy, nice and definitely opener than us from Milan. They want to share more, and it’s very beautiful.

Stefania Bravi

Q: What stroke you the most?

A: In addition to the beautiful landscapes, let me say the food was amazing. My first memory? Some enormous cannoli! The sea? Remarkable, of course.

Q: Let’s open the memory box of Stefania Bravi. Is there any peculiar memory related to your experience in Sicily?

A: Yes, to walk around the small towns by the sea. The air you can breathe, the fruit stands and people. They smile, want to talk to you and always try to be inclusive and engage you. I saw Palermo but time was not enough. I’d like to go back, it’s in my wishlist together with Favignana and Cefalù.

Stefania Bravi
Palermo – Cathedral

Q: Since you’re an influencer, choose 3 spots in Sicily that in your opinion are instagrammable.

A: Taormina, Noto and the islands like Lipari!

Q: If you think about fashion and Sicily, what do you have in mind? Suggest our readers an outfit.

A: The first thing that crosses my mind is Dolce & Gabbana and their campaigns. Floral looks, foulards and elegance. The ideal outfit? Skirt and a silk floral shirt, a foulard to tie your hair!

Stefania Bravi

Q: If you take a look at Sicilian Secrets tours by Dimensione Sicilia, what’s the itinerary you would like to put into your bucket list?

A: Sicily in 9 days, I’m curious to visit the salt pans. Moreover, I saw that it includes even Taormina and Noto, and also some other places I have in my wishlist.


Q: In the end, can you give your ‘Stefania Bravi’s advice’ to all non-Sicilians who want to visit Sicily?

A: Enjoy the beauty of traditions that you can feel everywhere. Enjoy the colors, the scents and the tastes of this wonderful land!

Stefania Bravi
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