Sicily on Instagram, take the best picture!

Sicily on InstagramNowadays we all take pictures with our smartphones. And we do it continuously. Instagram became one of the most popular social media and – let me say – is even useful to be inspired before a holiday. Beautiful landscapes and magical atmospheres catch our attention, and we start daydreaming. Hashtag #Sicily. Have you ever searched Sicily on Instagram? You will find a lot, but if you want to discover some very ‘instagrammable’ locations on the island, don’t miss Sicilian Secrets’ advice!

Sicily on Instagram is a digital universe made of amazing photos. Crystalline seas, volcanos, people skiing and people swimming, boats, cities, nature and so on. It’s an easy way to travel around this beautiful island while being relaxed on the couch.

But if you want to jump into these gorgeous shots, book your trip and find the most instagrammable spots in Sicily.

Cefalù: sunset time at ‘porticciolo’

When you visit Cefalù, in the province of Palermo, you have to enjoy the sunset from the old port that everybody calls ‘porticciolo’. Once you get there, you can see the whole coast and step by step the lights will turn on. It’s something unique, is romantic and definitely one of the most celebrated locations ever. Did you know that this part of the town was used to film the movie Cinema Paradiso and a popular commercial with Andy Garcia too?

Etna: it doesn’t matter where you are

It’s the king of the island and if we think about Sicily on Instagram, we cannot include ‘Mr. Etna’. Sicilians love and hate it but its beauty is indisputable. In my opinion, the perfect shot must be taken in winter, when the snow covers the mountain. Lucky people that have the chance to have a helicopter ride and see it from the top, can take a very peculiar picture that includes the highest active volcano in Europe and the Ionian Sea. Wonderful!

On the other side

It depends on the point of view! Do you want to take a photo of Sicily? Do you prefer Calabria? Well, it’s up to you…you need only a quick ride on the ferry boat and you can take both. If you are an instagrammer, the Strait of Messina is unmissable.


Food lovers? Here we are! And it’s obvious that Sicily on Instagram means a lot of food…yummy! Take note of these places to taste some Sicilian specialties and of course take memorable pictures.

  • Arancina: Bar Touring, Palermo. Here you can eat the so-called arancina BOMBA. Once you see it in person, you will understand the reason of this nickname!

  • Cannolo: Euro Bar, Dattilo (TP). It’s a small bar but even the best one if you want to try the original Sicilian cannolo. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Granita: Zzu Orazio e la lapa, Acitrezza (CT). This is not a bar but a small food truck that will astonish you. If you want to taste one of the best granita in Sicily and take a great shot for your Instagram profile, wait for the night (around 3:00 a.m. in front of the fish market!). And when everybody is enjoying the nightlife in Catania, wait for Zzu Orazio (friendly called, Uncle Horace) and ask for brioche and granita. You won’t be alone, trust me! This is the best way to experience Sicily on Instagram, just living it!
Sicily on Instagram
Zzu Orazio e a lapa
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