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Sicily in fallWho said that Sicily is amazing only in summer? If you visit this beautiful island in October and November, you could discover another side of this land. And if you are lucky, you can even have the chance to go to the beach and swim in the ocean. Sicily in fall will make you…fall in love! Let’s read more on Sicilian Secrets’ blog.

Are you looking for your next holiday? October is the best month to enjoy many places that in summer are too crowded and in winter, maybe, are too cold. Sicily in fall is a fantastic destination because it gives you the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the island with all the colors of this romantic season. Moreover, you can do a lot of activities and make every day very special. What do you really like to do?

Culture is my life

If you are looking for a trip where culture rules, you can go everywhere in Sicily and beyond. Southern Italy is a gem and is the perfect mix of tradition, history and beautiful landscapes. This year, you cannot miss Matera. This city is not in Sicily but Dimensione Sicilia takes you there! Until November 12th (last departure), you can join the Tour of Sicily, Matera and Apulia and explore the European Capital of Culture 2019. Matera is famous for the oldest part of the town (the so-called ‘Sassi’) and this year has become even the set of the new movie of James Bond. It’s awesome, isn’t it?

Sicily in fall

The magic of the sea

Sicily in fall means also to live the magic of the sea. Most of the times people think that summer is the best moment to have a walk on the beach or to dive into the crystalline water of the ocean…absolutely not! From September to the beginning of November, you can collect lots of unique memories in the most fascinating places on the island and beyond. Dimensione Sicilia takes you to Sicily and Malta until November 12th. Once you get to Malta, experience the suggestive Blue Grotto and then be amazed by Golden Bay in Mellieha, one of the most peculiar beaches you have ever seen in your life. Have you ever heard about Blue Lagoon on a small island called Comino? If not, enjoy this astonishing surprise.

Blue Lagoon

I love Sicily

Do you want to plunge into the charm of Sicily? What a great idea! Sicily in fall deserves to be visited and you can do it with Dimensione Sicilia thanks to the Tour of Sicily in 9 days. Last departure is scheduled on November 5th. It’s an opportunity to know more about this seducing land, from the main cities such as Palermo and Catania to the archaeological areas, from the ancient Piazza Armerina with the Roman Villa del Casale to Mount Etna and the wild nature all around.

The Valley of the Temples

Are you still in doubt? Choose Sicily in fall…and fall in love with Sicilian Secrets.

Sicily in fall

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