Sicilian ghost stories, jump into the mystery

Sicilian ghostHow many times did you hear crazy legends about haunted houses? Maybe you know something about the ghosts who live in some Scottish castles, but have you ever heard about any Sicilian ghost story? If you want to learn some curiosities, don’t miss this new article on Sicilian Secrets’ blog.

Legends? Reality? Who knows…! Ghost stories are always interesting and captivating. Many people continuously look for haunted houses or old castles and when they travel, they try to enrich their itinerary with some of these places. If you want to visit Sicily and your ‘ghostbuster’ soul is too strong to resist, here are a couple of spots you cannot miss. This is a Sicilian ghost story.

Villa Caboto, Mondello (Palermo)

Whoever lives in Palermo, at least once wondered about this haunted house. Villa Caboto is a big mansion in Mondello, the beach area of Palermo, and in Italian is called ‘la casa stregata’. Nobody knows what happens inside, some people who tried to go beyond the door had crazy reactions after the visit. According to the legend, this Sicilian ghost story dates back to the ‘40s. Many mysteries surround this house, it seems that in the past it was a brothel and during the II World War, the Americans killed many prostitutes together with the German soldiers who used to attend this place. Brrr…

Villa Caboto

The Baroness of Carini, a Sicilian ghost story

Laura Lanza was a noblewoman who lived in the XVI century. When her father found her with a man who was not her husband, he decided to kill his own daughter. It happened on December 4th 1563. She was murdered in her bedroom at Carini Castle (in the province of Palermo) together with her lover, Ludovico Vernagallo. According to the legend, every year on the anniversary of the Baroness’ murder, her bloody handprints appear on the wall of her chamber. Creepy.

Carini Castle

Ursino Castle, Catania

If you are skeptical about ghosts, be brave and visit Ursino Castle in Catania. It was built in the XIV century and nowadays is famous for its legendary ghost called Federico! This ghost seems to be a prankster…nothing really dangerous happens. He turns on and off the lights, moves the objects and basically makes fun of people who work there (today the castle is a museum). Federico doesn’t like the impolite visitors, so be nice otherwise don’t be surprise if he decides to stop the elevator and block you inside for a while!

Ursino Castle

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