Mystery and travel? Discover the weirdest places in Sicily!

weirdest places in SicilyIt’s time to learn about some new curiosities. We have already talked about the weirdest places in Sicily and now are ready to discover something more. Follow Sicilian Secrets and plunge into the mysterious side of the island. Here are some hints for a very special itinerary. Let’s go!

Ordinary or off the map? If your passion is to explore hidden spots generally far from the common routes, Sicily is the place to be. Beyond the most traditional and known cities, there are a bunch of precious corners that not everybody knows about. Let’s jump into some of the weirdest places in Sicily. Grab your backpack and follow us.

weirdest places in Sicily

The dark side of Sicily: have you ever been in a grotto?

Mangiapane Cave is a grotto in Custonaci, in the province of Trapani. The first inhabitants date back to prehistory, about 20,000 years ago! Even if for many centuries nobody has lived there, at the beginning of the XIX century a family (the name of the family was Mangiapane) settled in this primordial area until the 1950s. This cave definitely is not a classic archeological site and you have to put in your bucket list.

weirdest places in Sicily
Mangiapane Cave

The best period to visit this surreal village is around Christmas because many events are organized, and beautiful Nativity scenes are exhibited to fascinate whoever wants to dive into this timeless and a little bit mysterious grotto. Mangiapane Cave is absolutely one of the weirdest places in Sicily!

weirdest places in Sicily
Mangiapane Cave

Not enough?

And if grottos make you so curious, don’t miss even the so-called Grotta delle Trabacche in Ragusa. If you watched the famous TV series Inspector Montalbano, maybe you saw it in the episode “The terracotta dog”. This cave hosts one of the most ancient cemeteries in the world (IV century A.D.). At the beginning it looks creepy, maybe. But take some minutes to deeply explore it and enjoy the games of light that make this place enchanting.

weirdest places in Sicily
Grotta delle Trabacche

One of the weirdest places in Sicily? The enchanted castle in Sciacca!

“Try having a world in your heart / and not being able to express it in words…”

Have you ever visited an enchanted castle? If you want to have this kind of experience, don’t miss the Enchanted Castle in Sciacca. It was created by Filippo Bentivegna (a Sicilian sculptor belonging to the so-called Art Brut) who carved some calcareous stones creating hundreds of heads and faces crammed together.

weirdest places in Sicily
Enchanted Castle (Sciacca)

Maybe a fool? Who knows! The locals started calling him Filippo the madman, Filippo of the heads, or – nicely – Master Filippo. This garden became his world, his home. His life was in that castle, from any relationship with the rest of the world. It sounds like a legend…but it’s reality. And it’s in Sicily.

Are you curious to know many other spots off the map? Follow Sicilians Secrets and stay tuned.


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