New Year’s in Sicily: how to set the table according to the tradition

New Year'sNew Year’s is coming and it’s time to say goodbye to 2018. For some people it was a great year, for some others it was a nightmare. So, let’s look at the future with the hope of a sweet 2019. How do Sicilian celebrate? Sicilian Secrets explains you how to set the table according to our tradition.

Are you ready to celebrate the New Year’s Eve? Whatever it’s your plan, you cannot miss the classic big feast with your family or your friends. Or, why not, you can even decide to organize a nice lunch on January, 1st. It’s up to you, but why don’t you try a classic Sicilian menu? Do you need some tips…Sicilian Secrets is here for you!

New Year's

A rich New Year’s Eve

Some food is typical all-around Italy because it’s strictly related to ancient tradition. For example, in Sicily but not only, nobody celebrates the New Year’s Eve without lentils and cotechino on the table. There are many different kinds of lentils (and if you are from Sicily, the most precious is the so-called lenticchia di Villalba) but the reason why everybody eats them for the New Year’s Eve is just…superstition! They say that lentils represent luck and money…it’s a symbol to wish a rich new year.

New Year's
Lentils and cotechino

Main course or street food?

Sicilians love street food…for the New Year’s as well. So, if you want to set a classic Sicilian table, you have two options. You can bake some lasagna (generally prepared with meat and peas, this dish is common even in other Italian regions) or you can follow the tradition and make some pasta with sardines. It’s one of the most typical recipes, you have to add some wild fennel, raisin, pine nuts and sprinkle some breadcrumbs on top. It takes time, but it’s delicious!

New Year's
Pasta with sardines

But if you really don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen and struggle with fish, oven and many other ingredients, you can easily buy some street food. Go to the bakery and choose: sfincione (a sort of pizza generally very famous in Palermo), crespelle (basically very similar to the French crêpes) stuffed with ricotta or anchovies, scacciate (a sort of bread stuffed with cheese, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.).

New Year's

Something more…

Not enough? Enrich your New Year’s table with something more. According to the tradition, fried salted codfish is a must. Many people make also a side dish such as the orange salad in its basic version (just orange, fennel and olive oil) or with some herrings and asparagus.

New Year's
Orange salad

New Year’s dessert

No dessert, no dinner! To finish your feast as a Sicilian, you cannot miss something sweet. One of the most popular desserts of the season is cassata, maybe the most representative cake of our cooking. But you can decorate your table with a tray full of nougat, chocolate and dried fruit as well.

New Year's

In the end, before popping a champagne bottle at midnight, taste a classic Sicilian liquor such as limoncello. Yummy!

New Year's

Now your table is ready and your New Year’s Eve can start. Have fun, joy and love.

Best wishes from Sicilian Secrets.


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