Christmas markets: all you want is in Sicily

Christmas marketsHoliday season is coming, and December is the month to fully enjoy Xmas vibes. Lights in the cities, presents underneath the tree, happy time with our families and delicious food on the table. But also, time to discover Sicily and its traditions. Sicilian Secrets brings you around the Christmas markets. All you want for Xmas is…

Christmas is in the air! Can you feel the holiday spirit? Don’t be a ‘Grinch’ and let Xmas make your days happy and joyful. Are you stressed by Xmas shopping? Avoid any crowded mall and discover the beauty of traditional Christmas markets. Even if many people think that this is just a northern tradition (mainly common in Südtirol, Germany and Scandinavia), even in Sicily you can visit them. Where? Let’s take a look at the most famous.

Christmas markets in Palermo

Palermo, the biggest city in Sicily, hosts many Christmas markets. Some of them are dedicated to street food, others are characterized by amazing programs that involve artists, initiatives for kids and entertainment. Don’t miss the small amusement parks around the markets and, if you are sporty (and romantic), go to ice-skating at the English Garden. Can you imagine anything more Christmassy?

Christmas markets
Palermo on ice

Christmas markets in Catania

If you are in Catania, experience all the Xmas events organized in the city. Concerts, street art, exhibitions and Christmas markets, of course. You can find out nice handmade objects around the stands and buy something made in Catania by the artisans of the Scie Market association.

Christmas markets
Christmas market in Catania


Canicattì is not one of the major cities in Sicily but Xmas market is definitely nice. Visit the Villa Comunale and plunge into the holiday atmosphere: an enchanted garden with wooden houses, lights, stands, Xmas carols and Sicilian food. And for kids? Santa Claus is waiting for them and their letters. The focus of this great organization is just one: world peace.

Christmas markets
Santa Claus is waiting for you


Gangi is in the province of Palermo and is famous for the Living Nativity called From Nazareth to Bethlehem. Christmas market is an extra excuse to visit the town and deeply feel the holy spirit of this celebration. It attracts people from Sicily but even many tourists that have the opportunity to buy something typical, taste traditional delicacies and learn more about our Xmas traditions. Don’t forget that in this occasion museums are generally open as well as Palazzo Bongiorno and the main church in the city center.

Christmas markets
Living Nativity in Gangi


One of the most beautiful Sicilian Christmas markets is in Erice, in the province of Trapani. In the past it was always a great success, so even this year the event EricèNatale is taking place. The most awaited event is the Festival Zampogne dal mondo (Bagpipes from all over the world) on December 8th and 9th that marks the beginning of Xmas celebration. Erice is also famous for its castles, feel the magic!

Christmas markets

Christmas markets around the region are a lot and it would be impossible to mention all. But, if you plan a trip to Sicily in this period, you can check out all of this in person and explore more. You’re still in time to join the New Year’s Eve tours by Dimensione Sicilia and Sicilian Secrets!

All you want for Xmas is…an unforgettable winter vacation!


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