Taliami, prêt-à-porter art is made in Sicily

TaliamiCreativity is feminine. And the girls of Taliami, a fashion brand made in Sicily, know it very well. Not only bags. An idea that came about during a start-up event in 2016 and that, from just a project, became true. Sicilian Secrets met the founders.

Elisa Calunniato, designer. Maria Angela Ignoti, she picks fabrics and materials for each collection. Mapi Rizzo, she does photo shootings, videos and manages social media and promotional initiatives for the brand. They are the face and the brain of Taliami. Sicilians, brilliant, always up to date. Sicilian Secrets interviewed them.

The team of Taliami

Q: Girls, how did the idea of Taliami come about?

A: The project came about in Palermo thanks to Google during the Start-Up Weekend – woman edition in 2016. We received a special mention from the business incubator Cre.zi and Consorzio Arca. We had about 54 hours to develop an entrepreneurial idea: the brand and the concept came about in that occasion. Our brand was selected during the first edition of the DWAY fashion week – designers in store, in 2017, an opportunity for any young designer to exhibit their creation in a bunch of stores in the city.


Q: What do you want to communicate with this product?

A: Taliami is a brand of handmade bags and accessories from Palermo that are enriched with some graphics inspired by artworks. We are three women with different backgrounds but a common desire: to promote art and craftmanship with the spirit that best represents us. A fresh and young style that respects our traditions. People who buy Taliami choose to be cultural ambassadors, while bringing art with them in their ordinary life and inviting to learn more about the beauties that they carry around.


Q: How much of your being Sicilian did you put in this project?

 A: First of all, the name. In Sicilian, Taliami means ‘Look at me’, an invitation to pay attention to our products. We have three lines for the bags, one that talks about the most famous artists of the pass, and two dedicated to Sicily. The first author we hosted in our graphics is Antonio Nuccio and the artwork we chose is a portrait of Santa Rosalia, the patron saint of Palermo.

La Santuzza, by Antonio Nuccio

Q: How has your being Sicilian influenced the mood to start this entrepreneurial activity?

A: Perseverance, courage and resilience, a characteristic that every Sicilian woman has. They know how to adapt themselves and actively resist to the economic conditions, sometimes not favorable, of our land. We go on to make our dream real, we want to establish ourselves in Italy and abroad. It’s not easy but we love the challenges.



Q: Nowadays, what are your plans for the future?

Q: We want to make our brand grow all over Italy and then also in other countries, while selling our creations in selected stores and opening an exposition spot that can host also exhibitions and events. Because with Taliami art is alive and goes out of the museum…is prêt-à-porter.


If you want to know more, follow the girls of Taliami on social networks you don’t miss all the news of this original brand made in Sicily.


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