Ferragosto, a Sicilian Midsummer Night’s Dream

FerragostoAugust is the hottest month of summer. Maybe you are at the beach or around Sicily with Sicilian Secrets, and if you are here, in this gorgeous island kissed by the sun, you cannot miss our Midsummer Night’s Dream. Sicilians love the so-called Ferragosto (August 15th) and generally enjoy it from the night of the 14th till the dawn (and even more!). How? Join us and let’s party together.

Are you on holiday and want to enjoy summer like a Sicilian? On August 15th in Italy we celebrate the so-called Ferragosto but in Sicily it’s more than a red calendar day. It’s an opportunity to have fun and fully live a sort of Midsummer Night’s Dream. How? It depends!

Here are a couple of tips and destinations…Sicilian Secrets is your party-mate.


Ferragosto on the beach

It’s a classic, especially young people organize incredible bonfires on the beach together with friends. From the night of the 14th till the dawn, they enjoy time by the sea. Music (the guitar is sooo romantic!), the stars in the sky, a bunch of drinks and a dive at midnight. And in the morning? Croissants, of course!

Best destinations…

Are you looking for a wonderful beach in Sicily? Sicilian Secrets strongly suggests you:

Cefalù – if you want to plunge into history and art


San Vito Lo Capo – if you love nightlife

San Vito


Marina di Ragusa – to explore the Southern coast

Marina di Ragusa

…or, why not, the Aeolian Islands especially Stromboli!

Disco Ferragosto

Dance, dance, dance! Ferragosto at the disco? Ohhhh yes! You love the night and music is your passion, so you have to look for a nice city/town and find the best spot to enjoy the party. Lights are on you…and in the morning? Put on a pair of sunglasses and fall asleep on the beach!

Best destinations…

Are you looking for entertainment? Sicilian Secrets strongly suggests you:

Palermo – if you want to discover the main city of the island and all of its treasures


Catania – if you want to explore Etna and live the lively life of the city


Panarea – have you ever experienced the magic of the islands? If you seek entertainment, this is the place to be!


Hiking & picnic

Nature is your mantra. You want to visit the wildest side of Sicily and for this reason your Ferragosto is ‘green’. Mountains, nature reserves, lakes…you enjoy the day since the early morning! And after a long walk (because of course you love hiking!), it’s time for a picnic with your friends. Take a break in a gorgeous spot, have a tasty meal and don’t miss the view.

Best destinations…

Are you looking for unforgettable landscapes? Sicilian Secrets strongly suggests you:

Etna (the Park) – if you want to experience the volcano and its amazing energy


Riserva naturale dello zingaro – it was the first nature reserve in Sicily, don’t miss cliffs and little bays

Riserva dello Zingaro

Vendicari – it’s another oasis (close to Noto and Marzamemi) that you should put in your bucket list. Three paths to discover every corner of this reserve, many activities such as snorkeling and birdwatching and Calamosche, the beach awarded as the most beautiful of Italy.


Favignana – enjoy the Aegadian Islands! Follow Sicilian Secrets and Dimensione Sicilia…a lot of news are coming soon.


And remember, whatever is your program for Ferragosto, have a great time in Sicily!


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