Stagnone Lagoon, where legend meets history

Stagnone LagoonA few weeks ago, Sicilian Secrets brought you to Marsala. Now it’s time to go on with this journey and discover more about a small lagoon that is right in front of the coast. We are talking about the Stagnone Lagoon. A mix of nature and history that you can explore together with us. Are you ready?

After you have visited Marsala, take a boat and enjoy the beauty of the Stagnone Lagoon. It is delimited by an island called Isola Lunga and inside there are three islands more: Isola Schola (the smallest), Santa Maria and Isola di San Pantaleo, aka the ancient Motya. It’s not the best place to swim because, due to its conformation, the water level varies from a few centimeters to almost 2 meters and in summer temperature is always hot!

Stagnone Lagoon

But, you cannot miss the nature reserve and the archaeological site. And, of course, the famous saltpans.

Let’s start!

Motya, when legend meets history

Motya is the ‘pearl’ of the Stagnone Lagoon. It was an ancient city that probably dates back to the 8th century BC. It was founded by the Phoenicians that turned the city into one of the most affluent of that time.

Stagnone Lagoon

One of the main characteristics of the island is the presence of ancient windmills and salt pans that recently have been restored and opened to the public. Motya belongs to the Whitaker Foundation that takes care of the museum and the ruins. Thanks to all of the artifacts that have been found in the area, it’s possible to explore many different cultures such as Roman, Hellenic, Punic, Egyptian, etc.

Nature reserve & saltpans

Flora & fauna and saltpans and windmills. If you want to enjoy a romantic sunset close to the sea or have just a walk in the nature, the Stagnone Lagoon is the place to be. From pink flamingos to the ancient saltpans built by the Phoenicians, that were elected Place of the Heart FAI, winning the special prize EXPO 2015. They are still used for the production of sea salt and Infersa Windmill (and other two mills) houses the museum with the multimedia route, the visitor center and the salt shop.

Stagnone Lagoon
Saltpans and windmills

Plunge into the stunning nature reserve, relax with a glass of wine and enjoy an original tasty experience. You will be part of a picturesque landscape, unforgettable moments and, if you want to try something new and fun…be ready for kite surf!

…beyond the Stagnone Lagoon journey never ends…

And if you are not tired, and want to enjoy more, remember that journey never ends. Get a boat and sail towards the Aegadian Islands. Sicily was born to make you speechless. Discover more with Dimensione Sicilia, pick the tour that you like most and leave for your next holiday. Summer is magic!



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