Let’s chat with Giulio Corso about TV, cinema and Sicily

Giulio Corso

He’s from Palermo, was born in 1989 and is an actor. Here is the profile of Giulio Corso. He studied at the Accademia Nazionale di Arte Drammatica Silvio D’Amico in Rome, is 28 years old and has a remarkable curriculum. TV, cinema and theater. He shared the stage with Lorella Cuccarini in “Rapunzel” and in 2015 got the Musical Italian Oscar (Actor in a leading role). There’s a lot to say about him. Do you want to know more? Read the interview (a chat, actually!) with Giulio on Sicilian Secrets.

I confess, I have known Giulio Corso a long time ago. We were both at the high-school and used to meet at the parties. For this reason, it’s a pleasure to write this article, it’s like to have a word with a friend in front of a coffee that after 10 years has never got cold.

Giulio Corso

First question breaks the ice and, even if it sounds obvious, discloses and unexpected story.

Q: Why did you decide to take an interest in performing arts? What happened?

A: It was the last day of my disastrous exam to get the high-school diploma. The president of the examining board asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, as if an 18-years guy really knew it. I had no idea about what I had to do, so since he caught me unawares, I responded in the most irrational and spontaneous way, like a baby: “I’ll be an actor”. My mum, who was seated pretty close to me and was exhausted because of my agonizing exam, had a stroke. My father continued thinking that I was addicted to drugs.

I had never thought about the show business…I believe that it’s a direct consequence of this job: when you create something for a wider and wider audience, sooner or later, you bump into the ‘show’ of being whatever you really are.

Giulio Corso

Q: Giulio Corso on TV, from the Carramba Boys to Squadra Antimafia, and then Giulio on the stage as an actor and author. Until now, what’s the professional experience that you preferred?

A: Thanks to my academic studies, now I can freely choose my next works. I tenderly remember the latest ones because they are still close to my heart. I always love what I do, unconditionally, enthusiastically and for this reason it’s tough to split off from a show. It’s like a love that you are not ready to leave.

D: You played in Inspector Montalbano (Il Commissario Montalbano), one of the cult Italian series. How do you describe having been part of a so successful fiction that is strongly dripped with sicilianity?

A: I’m really proud of having been part of Andrea Camilleri’s world. In my opinion, Montalbano is a fascinating, brutal tale that tells the modern world through the eyes of a great storyteller of the XX century that deeply lived that period.

Giulio Corso

An actor is not only the result of his experiences but also of his origins. Therefore, it’s spontaneous to ask about his being Sicilian and how it affects his job.

A: I’m Sicilian and it affects my life, my decisions, my character, my relationships with other people, my tastes. My work…when it’s necessary. For sure we are the result of the land that has given birth to us, but I daren’t compare myself to the awesomeness and charm of Sicily, it would be pretentious. Maybe, one day I’ll go back to Palermo and stay there to thank this island for having fed me like a lovely mum.

Q: In these years you have worked with many celebrities. What did you get from people such as Raffaella Carrà, Lorella Cuccarini, Luca Zingaretti, etc.?

A: Each of these artists gave their body and soul to the scene. Each of them did it, in my opinion, with love and respect. From them, above all from the two Ladies of the showbiz, I learnt that being humble is important in every job as well as dedication, always.

Giulio Corso

D: Is there any professional anecdote that still makes you smile?

A: Two years ago, I took part in a movie called “Smitten” by Barry Morrow, also known as the author of “Rain Man”. During the audition, Barry asked me if I was able to ride a horse, even without a saddle. I was so excited and buff that I would have told to be able to pilot too, so I said yes. I had never straddled a horse till that moment. So, for a month, I have had private lessons and finally the first day on the set arrived. Thanks God, since it was an American movie, we had two weeks to rehearse.

Giulio Corso
Ph. Jacopo Gentilini
Stylist: Stefania Sciortino

The first day, they introduced me my horse, Pilar, a very beautiful, enormous and savage Spanish horse. I heard some people whispering, ‘He will never be able to ride’. I started feeling discouraged, the director came closer and told me: ‘Don’t worry, you’ll be gorgeous, but not today’. So, maybe thanks to a spell, after a week of a continuous practice with a local horseman, I became very good and remember that one day, while Barry was driving back to the hotel, I ran after him while riding my horse, without a saddle. And it was so natural…and we were incredibly happy. It looked like a movie in the movie.

The imaginary coffee that I’m sharing with Giulio Corso is still hot, but the interview is almost done. And I was just wondering…

Giulio Corso

Q: What’s the professional dream of Giulio Corso?

A: I don’t have any recurring dream. I belong to a disenchanted generation, therefore I just need to keep on dreaming, I think that reality can always suit me, that my (future) job will be full of crazy love like I’m used to love, that nothing can go wrong, because I stay in a part of our planet that looks like paradise and living here is amazing.


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