Grilled aubergine rolls with fresh ricotta

Grilled aubergine rolls with fresh ricottaWhat better way to welcome the summer than by preparing delicious but very light grilled aubergine rolls with fresh ricotta? Here the recipe!

Ingredients for 4:

  • 2 large aubergines
  • 500 gr (1lb) fresh ricotta
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • numeg
  • oregano
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • balsamic vinegar
  • fine salt and coarse salt (for brine)
  • pepper

Cut the aubergines into thin slices and soak in water salted with course salt for 30 minutes. Dry thoroughly and grill. Mix the ricotta with the garlic, nutmeg, pepper and oil. Using two spoons, form oval croquettes of ricotta, placing each one on a slice of eggplant. Form rolls and serve with a vinaigrette of oil, vinegar, salt pepper and oregano.

Recipe from: The flavours of Sicily by Sime books


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