Discovering Sicily with group tours

Group trip can have lots of positive aspects, considering the chance to enjoy an unique experience with friends, share your thoughts and considerations, and why not, make new friends or consolidate existing ones.
It is possible to travel when the group is already pre-established, which happens in the case of companies, associations or similar, with colleagues or retired.
But and also in a new group, taking part of an organized tour, with the opportunity to meet interesting strangers brought together by a common interest.

When the tour is well organized with a tour operator that takes care of everything, the experience is unforgettable.
Why? Try to imagine how it might be nice visiting the wonderful artistic and historical beauties, such as those of  our amazing Sicily, without worry about hotel accommodations, restaurants or transport services.
With group travels, in addition to visiting places of tourist interest, you have the option of staying in the best hotels and enjoy the local specialties in the most renowned restaurants.
In addition to school trips, today clubs, associations, CRAL, companies and all kind of groups offer holiday prize or leisure trips to their employees or associates, relying on operators for “tailored” solutions in order to create the best travel package where nothing is left to chance.

Besides to classic tours of the most important cultural places, groups often want to make their trip more interesting, asking tour operator to attend shows, events, tasting and trekking on Etna.
And what about thematic tours?  Real “ad hoc” packages relating on wine and food religious or particular locations.

Imagine to sit comfortably in a bus with all the comfort, enjoy the view from your window that runs between the breathless Sicilian landmarks with its most suggestive places such as Catania, Palermo, Marsala, Agrigento, Ragusa Ibla …

Group Tours

Viaggi di Gruppo



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