New itineraries to discover Sicily

Our amazing Island offers original tourist path, not strictly related to the traditional and known places. Several tourist itineraries were born with the purpose to spread, above all among young people, an unconventional side of our Region. Generally traditional school journeys give the chance to know several civilization which create the cultural Sicilian meting pot; but lately tour operators offer different routes in order to spread a different civil conscience.

Elementary and junior high schools choose itineraries focused on symbolic sites  in the fight against the Mafia. These journeys can mix culture, art and nature of Sicily with the visit of notorious place for Mafia movement, in order to instil a positive message against organized crime.

In the Palermo district the symbolic places are: Peppino Impastato’s home in Cinisi, that hold the memory of this young Sicilian antimafia activist who rebelled to local crime thanks his radio programs.

An other important place is “Falcone’s tree”; this Ficus macrophilla in front of judge Giovanni Falcone’s apartment, became a noticeboard with lots of drawings and messages after his killing on May 23rd 1992.

Furthermore students have the chance to see how confiscated lands to clans have been converted, starting wine and food productions directed to a legal market.

Thanks to these itineraries, tour operators can restore toSicilyits historical, cultural and artistic image full of positive values.



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