What foreigner Big Spenders look for their holiday in Sicily?

Summer is over and it’s time to review the latest tourism trends. Operators have considered this year as “annus horribilis”: crisis has determined a strong drop in demand and presence on our country. Few months ago we talked about the new trend of short holidays in farm houses which allows to enjoy an affordable proper holiday.

Foreigners tourists are those who can still afford a traditional holiday without sacrifice: in fact Big Spender chose luxury accommodation facilities for their travels. Even in our island the deluxe tourism demand has increased in the latest years. Seven-stars hotels, amazing resorts, all-inclusive services: despite of the economic crisis, overseas “billionaires” don’t renounce to a “gold” relax. Looking at  Sicilian trendiest places it is possible to notice that foreigners are those who still live “Dolce Vita”.

But what are the really looking for, once they get toSicily? Do they want only “sun and Sea” ? According to statistics excellence wine-and-food trend receives a strong demand: typical Sicilian products, set in a luxury contest, attract many foreigner tourists. Wine cellar, tastes, wine-and-food tours respond to a great demand which identify one of the Italian style nuance.

Luxury spa tourism is an other increasing product: a spa can not miss in the most important deluxe resort, always ready to pamper its guest with beauty treatments, massages, and hi-tech fitness centre.

Even shopping tours increase their importance in the tourist demand: operators join traditional packets to mall’s tours, giving to tourists the chance to buy the most important Italian brands, with low prices.


Thanks to tourist’ luxury demand diversification, which is available not only in summer,  there are more proposals to boost Sicily as top destination. Luxury could be the key to differ new products, available all over the year, for a new demanding foreigner market.


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