No frills hotel. When superfluous go on holiday

Holidays during the crisis? Italians (and Europeans too) don’t renounce to their weeks off. But they have to compromise on this difficult economic situation. They decide to leave,  but holidays are all around low cost. Airlines begun the holydays low cost revolution, offering very cheap flights without the accessories services. In the latest years, the hotel chains came under the spell of cheap facilities. This new trend, very popular in the north ofEurope, has already lots of fans and we’re sure it is going to become a phenomenon. The concept is simple: in the no frills hotels, the final price include the essential as the toilet, bed with sheets, aircon. Cleaning, towels, hairdryer, baggage room, wi-fi and breakfast are charged to the guests. Although services are basic, these new hotel chains don’t renounce to an unique design and they wink at an high aesthetic profile and non conventional styling. Have a look to the 25hours hotels ( the guest can choose a theme room and in theFrankfurthotel, thanks to the Levi’s partnership, it is possible to stay in rooms inspired to the American culture. Blog Sicilian Secrets compared two low cost hotel chains to better understand services and online booking. The Malayan chain Tune Hotels ( with  facilities inThailand,Indonesia,Philippines and UK propose their rooms from 2£ with an unequivocal claim: “Excellence does not have to come with a high price”. Let’s see the booking.

It is very simple: we chooseLondon,Liverpool streetzone, 3 nights in the second weekend of September. With a remarkable difference of price we can choose among a double, twin or a disabled access room with or without window (?). We choose a double with window from 215£ and basic services included (pillowcases, bedsheet and duvet but not the towels, alas). The same we find in the no window room with a lower price. Charged costs  are the unlimited wifi, tv, in room safe, toiletries, early arrival and the late departure. With  the recommended “Comfort Package” we have, for 7£, Tv (1 day), 24 hours of wifi access, towel rental, hairdryer and in room safe. Final price for a weekend inLondon 222 pounds(282€).

Let’s check the booking in an other important no frills chain: the Ibis Hotels (

As the corporate site announces, Ibis is going to invest in its group creating three subcategories all aroundEurope: beyond the current Ibis, it will be soon available Ibis Styles, that proposes the basic facilities, and the more affordable Ibis Budget with chargeable services as the breakfast. Let’s try to book a room in the new Ibis budget design hotel inSpain: the Malaga Centro.

Same days ofLondon, big and lovely rooms, essential services guaranteed without choosing between the toilet kit or the TV (fortunately we don’t have the window problem). Only breakfast is charged per person, that is included in the Ibis or Ibis Styles hotels. We can book an amazing weekend inMalagafor 150 € without renouncing to the most important cares as towel, toiletries, TV, and Internet access. With a reasonable comparison betweenMalagaandLondon, we find a better quality in the Ibis services where the guest can profit to the main comfort without renouncing to the basic facilities. Can you imagine coming inSicilywithout seeing its beautiful views, because of a “no window room”?


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