Sicilian Secrets Tour through the taste: 5th stop Selinunte,Agrigento and Ragusa zone

Sicily tour is drawing to an end  with the second last stop of our itinerary through Sicilian Secrets. Our journey starts from Segesta to Selinunte, deepening history of this zone. The large archaeological site will show us the temples’ finds, the hill with the acropolis that overlook the coast, giving us one of the most suggestive view of Mediterranean Sicily. We move away fromTrapanizone and we approach theAgrigentodistrict. The modern city is between two hills, Rupe Atenea and Colle Girgenti. On Colle Girgenti was founded the medieval city and we can also observe the actual city centre with Arabian lanes, rests of the Arabian burg of Kerkent, and via Atenea full of shops and restaurants, the vibrant hearth of Agrigento.

Before starting the tour at Valle dei Templi, one of the main archaeological site of Greek civilization, Via Atenea is perfect for relax, happy hour and a good lunch andAgrigentois full of good restaurants to taste the local delicacies.


Wine-and-foodAgrigento’s heritage  proposes a great variety of seafood… from pasta con le sarde (pasta with sardines) to cozze gratinate (baked mussels) with chilli. Who is very fond of meat  will appreciate the typical  Farsu magru (veal roulade), a baked slice of veal rolled and stuffed with eggs, carrots and spices. After a good espresso the journey starts again towards zone of Ragusa, to Modica. In the inner zone, approaching to the city ofRagusathe open country show us carob  trees and wineries. Churches with imposing staircase, are the stunning evidences of Baroque style. But it is the chocolate that made Modica famous all over the world.

Modica’s chocolate prepared with a particular Aztec cold-working and introduced during Spanish colonization, was popular among aristocratic families. Today is the delicacy you have to taste during your journey in this beautiful city. After the chocolate tasting, grainy and flavoured (vanilla, cinnamon, mint, chilly), we can complete our busy day visiting Ragusa Ibla by night. If you’re hungry the popular Commisario Montalbano, character created by the writer Andrea Cammilleri who set the novel in the Ragusa’s zone, recommend you to taste the caciocavallo with tomato sauce, a recipe with the caciocavallo Ragusa cheese. Here is the recipe of this inviting dish!


See you for the last stop of our Sicilian tour, discovering the hidden treasures of this beautiful island.





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