Sicilian Secrets Tour through the taste: 4th stop Marsala and Trapani zone

Where did we stop?Catania, Etna,Taormina, Monreale andPalermo’s neighborhoods. We leave these beautiful places to carry on our journey, arrived at its halfway.

A short stop in Erice by night and we goes on our new destination. Fully colored vegetation, which characterized hills and mountains aroundPalermo, flows in front of eyes while we are approaching to Marsala during Sicilian Secrets. Unfortunately, in this ideally journey,  we can appreciate only virtually the famous liqueur wine of this city. During the journey we see vineyard and Bagli and, at the skyline, the amazing coast that give us a feeling of relax.

Mothia Island, in the middle of beautiful lagoon, is an ancient Phoenician colony and, thanks to its position in theMediterranean seait reached a great commercial develop. Today is a perfect mix of natural beauties, monuments and particular archeological finds.

Speaking of finds, still charmed by Mothia, we move away the coast reaching Segesta, where we are touched by this beautiful ancient  and deserted city and its archeological site where stand the famous GreekTemple and Theatre.

Salemi is the last stop of this long and interesting day. It was declared firstItaly’s capital in 1860, even though for a day. It is in the hearth ofBeliceValley, characterized for its magnificient castle, it keeps an Arabian style in the city centre close to the modern zone, built after the earthquake of 1968. Maybe, you are wondering why we forget the delicacies. In theTrapani’s district cake shops, you will find several kind of dessert: from the classic one as cassate, cannoli or the characteristic one as “le pesche” (nothing to do with peaches), and sweet potatoes (forget about vegetable). You have to try them! And have you ever tasted the delicious biscuits called mustazzoli, taralli and muccunetti?

Do we tease your imagination? If you want to prepare a typical recipe, we recommend this Spaghetti Trapani’s style. We won’t regret!

Enjoy and follow us in our beautiful journey.


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